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  1. Interesting and good timing on the season as far as weather. In a nutshell how did the ankle injury occur? I have a pretty good idea how but wouldn’t mind hearing firsthand. TTT
  2. Found trekking poles on Adams: see climbers board post.
  3. Snowking might be good if road conditions are approachable, look at Ruth MTN up north. A bit of steep heather mid point but a low angle glacier near the summit.
  4. Nice write up and outing, looks like the Enchantments are in for these peaks right now. Note the rap that may need two ropes on this route down.
  5. Way to get you all, thanks for sharing (and cheating ..
  6. If its in it's a great route. Check with the rangers as the website hasn't been updated. Make sure you bring your helmet.
  7. Regarding the post above, can you cite a source? The article referred here talks about the accident only.
  8. Nice late season update, the Ingraham usually becomes unclimbable late June or so. You had great weather.
  9. Moving to the Alpine Lakes section
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