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  1. Access update???????????????????????????????????
  2. My morning went was much better than that of the guy who had the file cabinet fall onto him and smash his legs.
  3. You must be a musician no, banjo player.
  4. Bart and Miles (GO MI!) got the coveted OS, Orbit, Iconoclast link up several years ago, though I am sure they werent the first. I think they were both still in highschool at the time.
  5. I climbed on some cliff in 94 or so that was part of the camp my girlfriend worked at. I think it was on Lopez? I heard Paul Allen bought the camp? can anyone confirm/deny? I assume that it is still off limits?
  6. i suggested the tampon stringband the other guys said "no."
  7. Mr._Natural


    there is no such thing as a seagull
  8. please keep the ideas flowing, especially the couple costumes. we went as a dead slutty stewardess/drunk pilot last year complete with fake glass shards coming out of necks and so on.
  9. Where is/was this tesc bouldering wall exactly?
  10. Hey Andy, check it out compliments of Mattp web page -Doug
  11. Post deleted by Mr._Natural
  12. I got your Jeep thing, now it burns when i pee.
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