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  1. ChrisT

    Other talents?

    I knit socks. Lots and lots of socks.
  2. ChrisT


    I use a Dell-PC at work but own an iBook which I *love* - don't get me wrong. My only beef with Macs is the hardware. For what you pay, I think they could make the hardware a little sturdier....
  3. ChrisT


    I had a virus on my Mac...once...about 10 years ago. What are pop-ups?
  4. ChrisT


    yep - Day on the Green, Oakland Coliseum. And there were more bands but by that time, I had passed out.
  5. ChrisT


    LOL - I saw them live along with Steve Miller and the Eagles. More info on the photo: I think it was the last day of HS 1978 although I was a little dazed and confuzed at the time.
  6. ChrisT


    In an effort to re-live the glory days of my youth, I am looking for a 65 Barracuda just like the one I drove in HS. Please have beige body, black interior and be in mint condition. thanks!
  7. Kind of off topic here, but my son got accepted to Reed College! I'm so proud!
  8. yeah and I'm kind of wondering if his girlfriend, Laurie Anderson, was somehow involved in the strings...love the cello intro...or are they still together? Where's snoboy when you need him?
  9. I just saw the movie "The Squid and the Whale " and I'm looking for the single "Street Hassle". Anyone got it?
  10. that is so profound. I think you just healed my inner child.
  11. yeah but are you as hot as they are?
  12. I think this is the perfect forum for me - thanks Jon!
  13. yeah damn javascript pop-up window... If you really care to see the latest haute couture at Joshua Tree then go to the NYTimes Sunday Magazine and scroll down a bit until you see "Boulder Dash.' Or, if you're like me, you might just dig on the hot models/climbers.
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