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  1. time to make another sacrifice to Ullr. burn more skis!!!
  2. Men over X

    actually i can think of conversations i've had with my male friends where a woman's wealth was considered making her more attractive as a partner. maybe we're just liberated men or something.
  3. Name the 77 Bands in This Picture

    i was going to say the subway entrance looked a little fuzzy and might be the velvet underground. but nevermind.
  4. Men over X

  5. Men over X

    O U QT U R A BUT
  6. Men over X

    ground ________________ feet feet feet feet feet feet
  7. Name the 77 Bands in This Picture

    the gold guy leaning against the corner has a goldfinger. i think we're loosing steam.
  8. Name the 77 Bands in This Picture

    i wonder if the bags in front of the fruit cart are cranberries
  9. Name the 77 Bands in This Picture

    crowded house - all the people in the window i can't believe they didn't put bananarama in the fruit cart
  10. Name the 77 Bands in This Picture

    hole - right behing garbage
  11. Name the 77 Bands in This Picture

    Blur (if not already mentioned)
  12. get well soon! glad to hear it wasn't worse.
  13. Famous Last Words

    "Either that wallpaper goes, or I do" - Oscar Wilde on deathbed.
  14. the silence is erie

    Interesting fact about Lake Erie: It is one of the few lakes in the world tht is ON an island and also has an island in it. Island-within-an-island. that island near anacortes is in lake campbell, not lake eerie, dumas.