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What's in your SUV?


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Question for this morning... What's in the back of your SUV? A quick inventory of my GMC 'Bourbon shows:


1 Walrus 4-season tent

1 Mtn bike w/ flat tire

1 backpack

1 old fleece jacket

1 roll duct tape

2 flashlights (one needs new batt)

1 toolbox

2 marine batteries

2 kids' lifejackets

assorted stuff/junk


It's like a closet that you can take with you! cool.gif

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milk crate full of random shit I use for field sampling

duffle bag with rain gear, boots, hard hat

tire chains, jumper cable, tow strap, fire extinguisher, 1st aid - the usual

beaten up atlas and Washington Gazetteer

Prism designs 'Fanatic' kite

cheater stick

toy salamandar and beanie baby chameleon (spirit animals?)

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