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  1. Yes, that be's the one---thank you! Hey, catbird. Still in NC, diggin' my Stanley-bound Canes.
  2. Sup folks, Can somebody please point me to that really annoying screen with the sci-fi character that swings his arms up and down while the colors flash? I need it to deal with an important work issue. Thanks!
  3. RobBob


    It's also a rip-off that it's become a reward to the fading stars, rather than a chance for the young guys to show their stuff. Not letting Sidney Crosby or Eric Staal play in the Olympics because they are too young and inexperienced in the NHL? gimme a break! Hockey is still the best combination of speed, agility, gracefulness, agressiveness---you name it. I don't care if it's NHL or playing the beer leagues yourself. damn what a sport!
  4. RobBob

    Men over X

    one word alone was enough..."Duke"
  5. RobBob

    You guys suck

    Dru, Here's another Solid Gold thread...
  6. RobBob

    How I Feel Today

    Hey minxie ...I just logged on for the first time in quite awhile. Buried in work, stuck on the right coast...no climbing/slogging here. I have re-discovered an old love, however, and introduced my kids to 'er: Ice Hockey
  7. RobBob

    RIP Duke

    Look, HST was a funny, articulate guy who made a lot of us laugh in college in the 70s and 80s. I remember reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in the backyard of a rented apartment in Austin, TX in 1983. I starting laughing so damn hard that the girl next door came around to make sure I was okay. Not many books are so entertaining that you can so clearly recollect reading them. Everybody probably should have seen this coming eventually. In a preface to one of his books ( The Great Shark Hunt, I think), he wrote that he wanted to commit suicide right at that moment, but 'didn't have the guts.' Unfortunately, suicide is a gift that keeps on giving. I feel sorry for family and for his closest friends. It appears he's been a difficult person for those closest to him, and this puts a sad close on the story of his life.
  8. RobBob


    IMO, universally, a woman wants a man who's confident and comfortable with who he is, and romantically interested in her. A man wants a woman to be emotionally and physically interested in him. Neither wants a clinger or someone who telegraphs uncertainty. I don't think any of that has changed in the past thousand years. There's also sometimes a wide gulf between what someone professes to want in a mate, and what they really want. Don't let that fool you. Of course, Layton is right, it's probably not a good idea to take advice from the rest of us fuckers!
  9. RobBob


    great pic jordop...but I just don't get this angst. I never remember things being so difficult as you guys make them out to be. (Disclaimer...happily married and off the street for 15 years.) my hypothesis: You guys have been lured into this metrosexual bullshit. You treat women as equals. Well they're not equals. They are different. They want you to act like men. Act like men and treat them like women. Express some sincere interest in them as women. Is is really that hard?
  10. RobBob


    Jesus Christ, can't you just go up to who-ever-she-is, and go for it?!
  11. And I will take the credit for bringing the attention over there to this disturbingly-homo thread. I read this shitbird, and somehow I'm reminded of John Candy and Steve Martin together in that motel room...
  12. Lo and behold there Loki was, on the cover of a cycling or tri mag this morning when I walked into the airport. I don't make a habit of checkin' out girls in their 20s, but she is HOT!
  13. Cycling vs. Running...this is better than sport vs. trad! My thoughts are: -if I can run for 1 or 2 or 3 hours at a time, that's aerobic enough for me. Not sure I believe all the 'science' either side puts forth claiming its aerobic improvement is better. -someone made the point awhile back that running on flat does nothing for your legs re: climbing. -I like both, but I don't like the effects of the bike seat. -Most importantly, isn't this one outstanding photo.? It's the best thing to come out of this thread. And she does both.
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