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  1. Hi ya Jay, great to hear from you man. Are you still back east? Yup I figured what better way to keep the tykes busy than to string em up on a rope. They are having fun with it as I see Nicole picked up the figure 8 knot pretty quick and put a "climbing rope" on her xmas list. Not bad for an 8 year old. I will add this to the kids section and good advice and will shoot you over my e-mail. Lee
  2. Down at vertical world Seattle Monday evenings trying to get the kids (girl 8,boy 10) ready for climbing this summer. Problem is I am a complete belay slave. So if you have kids or like kids or just want to partner up to climb that is cool to. I was so desperate I tried to teach my wife how to belay :anger: shoot me a PM if interested. also can climb mon-tues days.
  3. Ditto that Mark, Hate to lose a great partner/guy to the dreaded east coast!! OK anyone want to chime in what he will be like when he returns??? But great trip report Jay and check your PM's with some info etc...
  4. Icegirl you may want to check out the sit on top sea kayaks as well. I have tried both and liked the sit on top better. Recently picked up the new x-factor from this company and spared myself the WA state tax! http://www.malibukayaks.com/kayaks.asp I got it as I wanted to get my 5 year old into fishing and if you are into that you can trick them out with sonar,gps,rod holders,bait tanks ets...If you are into camping they have tons of storage etc... Amazingly stable, as I let a friend demo it and he tried to tip it over. At 210# he had it out of the water and on its side and still wouldn't flip. HA he just bought 2, one for him and one for his girlfriend! Good luck to ya whatever your choice.
  5. Great read, way to go fella's. Josh is like the energizer bunny with the prospect of burgers and fries.
  6. Wow, hikers self promoting over a missing person report! Real deal folks even grown up's get gone. I ran the 48 states for over 10 years and constantly saw on bulltetin boards missing person flyers on a daily basis. SHIT Happens. So lets help out if we can, ya never know. And a side note, if you are found I as well play hold em and am always up for a $1,000 minnimum game. 6 person if we can hook this fella up??
  7. feel fortunate, wait till you get there at 8 for the "9 opening of the gate" only to have to wait till 10-11 or so till they plow 3 inches of snow, then get in line to the top with granny driving 5 mph and of course she is in the lead. Get there around noonish, get back to the car in a few hours around darkish and then drive back to Seattle. Nice trip report and pics.
  8. Plus at least a thousand posts on this site.
  9. hey dweeb can't you see that fire is levitating, like kinda floating and shit.
  10. For all you I-podders out there who are willing to spend that much dough on music, don't forget the $200 headphones here. http://reviews.cnet.com/Etymotic_ER-4P_MicroPro_earphones/4505-6468_7-30690254.html?tag=img
  11. I found this link informative on all the different players, types etc... http://reviews.cnet.com/Music/4520-7964_7-5134106-1.html?tag=dir.bg
  12. Who started the original "cascade trivia" with this first question? I did... 10/15/03. Wrong, and I forgot when I did. Never knew there would be that much trivia. Cool stuff to browse through. Thanks lowell as you seem to be much informed.
  13. Saw that on the news last night. To fill in the blanks, guy figures he would put his lava lamp on the stove to see if the heat would make the goo move more??? Well hmmmmmm it exploded and killed him.
  14. Who started the original "cascade trivia" with this first question?
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