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Thanks @JasonG for hosting last night and for your single handed major funding effort! Thanks to @bellows for piloting the shaggin wagon.  Great to meet @cfire and @manninjo + your friend! And always good to see @rat and @OlympicMtnBoy it was great to share the car ride.   Nothing but love...whoever the dude flipping people off is, I'm pretty sure he was doing that for @lunger consumption only for not showing up like he has some important professor stuff to do or something!  

I learned a lot about the Oso slide, and probably over shared on my experience visiting that site.

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Need more suggestions (has to be Seattle area)!  Also I may need to tweak this to be a Thursday unless you guys want to it without me. Also, come to Pubclub, get a sticker!   But only if you put it on your car or something that gets seen by a lot of people, we need to spread the love about this place! 


In April Pubclub is coming to Portland! 

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20 hours ago, Alisse said:

Damn, I am volunteering at the tool library that night until 8pm. If it's in Lake City and people are still around after 8, then I can make it!

What's the date for the next one?

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@kurthicks can you make it up to Lake City? Enough people are like "Lake City or Bust" that I'm just going to call it for Lake City.   @Alisse yeah we should still be going by 8pm.

So the poll is 

A.) Elliot Bay Lake City

B.) Hellbent Lake City


Not sure if the stickers will be here yet...they were supposed to have shipped last week but it looks like they haven't yet.

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