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  1. Incredible! What a discovery, and what an adventure. True "follow your nose" exploration, well off the beaten track. Amazing what you were able to get done in such a short window. Thanks for posting here.
  2. Way to get it done, killer line! Let's see those photos of the munge on the lower ridge. If someone was going to do the access ramp variation to upper SE ridge of Seahpo and not continue the traverse, what's the best way down?
  3. Its a neat range, lots to climb. Rock quality leaves much to be desired. For most folks, anything in the northern pickets will be a 2 day approach, 2 day deproach using any of the ways in. Allow 4 days to get in and out of high camp. There's not really any bushwhacking to get into either side of the range with the standard approaches. If I were doing something in the southern pickets, I'd search trip reports here, then supplement with Beckey guide and/or Nelson select guides.
  4. Potentially interested if it is the right BSL for me. Sent you a pm.
  5. @bedellympianConsider going for the second (?) ascent of any these routes in the Cascades? Access seems like a pain for most of these (especially without a sled), and obviously conditions are king, but the time of year you're looking at seems about right. NW Face of Chiwawa (Intravenous): Summit Chief North Face: Any of the lines on Buck Mountain North Face, e.g.:
  6. Is this at Temperate Habits or District Brewing @JasonG? I think District has an upstairs, not sure about TH. District would get my vote if the venue not finalized yet.
  7. If the Pub Club is in Skagit or Bellingham, I'd definitely be there.
  8. @bedellympian awesome, have any photos of the zone?
  9. Put in a snowshoe track to access this buttress at the head of seymour creek under north face of north twin sister, this zone is pretty legit. Ice was better than average for washington. Approach took longer than expected and we only did a couple lines on the lower tier at wi3 and wi4. Whole thing probably goes at wi4, maybe 70m tall? Somebody should get out there while they don't have to break fresh trail! 2.5-3 hrs with a trail in place from the gate closure. 4-5 hrs if breaking trail. Looked like decent snow camping next to the creek under the crag.
  10. Bad cell phone picture from far away, haven't heard of these flows on the n aspect of north twin sister, up the seymour creek drainage. Looks like a bushwhack or tricky descending detour from the standard n face ski route.
  11. Looks excellent, thanks for sharing! How's the lake fishing out there?
  12. Looks like a fun way to the top, thanks for putting this out there!
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