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  1. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    Happy birthday to her!
  2. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    No climbing talk, this is the spray section!
  3. Do you any of you do anything special for the summer solstice?
  4. Looking for suggestions

    Had to look up YMMV, good one to know. I like walking, and I'm interested in a Maude/7FJ thing, but I think I'm going to go do something shorter to have more time with my folks this weekend. May have found some partners to go check out/adventure/maybe get scared on Pilchuck! I'll report back :-) @JasonG Pics or it didn't happen!
  5. Looking for suggestions

    @JasonG + others: I know this one doesn't meet my requirements, but what do you guess I'd find if I went up to look at the Gunsight on Pilchuck? I'd get a bit more elevation gain to do with the road being gated down below...I'm just curious about the snow coverage. I'd bring a short rappel setup for open waterfalls, etc. as I'd be interested in trying to do the full descent down to Heather Lake. Thoughts?
  6. Buckner NF 6/17-18

    Dumb ol work that I can't get out of... Have fun and report back!!
  7. Looking for suggestions

    @JasonG Thanks for your response. I actually skiied about 1/4ish of the WSG route two times earlier in the spring but decided to bail both times (uncertainty about snow stability).... That creek area would indeed be hellish now! Enjoy the good weather this weekend!
  8. Looking for suggestions

    @JasonG Have you ever skied the North Face of Maude (in Volken)?
  9. I would like to go skiing on Saturday. Do you have any suggestions for me with our current conditions? - Summit - More than 7,000 feet of gain - North of Highway 2 - Carrying for awhile, even through alder no problem - Few humans +10 I know something on Baker might be obvious, but I'm looking for other ideas! Thanks :-)
  10. Adams Ski Questions

    Welcome! Some friends of mine skied the South Spur route yesterday and this is what one of them said about the conditions: No corn to speak of, was more early season conditions with wind-blown powder and ice. Hope that is helpful in some way! Enjoy the SW Chutes!
  11. Here is a (cropped) photo from a 30-second walk to the Cascade Pass parking lot/TH. Lots of avy debris (easy to ski in the afternoon) but I think it'll be pretty good even now.