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  1. So amazing! https://www.opb.org/article/2023/08/27/peak-bagging-the-bulger-list-washington-state-mountains/
  2. Please see the TR on the TAY website for this momentous FFA: https://turns-all-year.com/trip-reports/tay-69-46-3-home-lake-snowpatch-mt-constance
  3. I need some psychoanalysis 🤪
  4. It was a dark and scary night... Wait no, it was a beautiful sunny day, around dusk. We passed the gate plastered with signs warning us.... we noticed many good sketch camp spots along the nice gravel road.... we kept going... we stopped when we saw all the Stuff Showing Activity, had a discussion about the alternatives, Cassidy and I brow-beat Aaron into agreeing with us, then the three of us crept -- somehow -- on bikes, pedaling silently and slowly, past a large black truck with two of its doors open... somehow unspotted, we wove our way through the gravel labyrinth roads... finding a dead-end (huge mountain of gravel) yet with some expert sleuthing (e.g., heading up a different road for two minutes), found a way through! There was SOME hike-a-bike-ing but not much. SUCCESS!
  5. It was a really fun adventure. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42919481
  6. Thanks for posting this, Porter. I think I may join you in fundraising and riding the century.
  7. You got this! Keep your head up and we'll see you out there soon!
  8. Oh no!!!! Shit man, I'm so sorry.... Ugh. Will you have to have surgery? What's the prognosis? Heal up soon!!
  9. @olyclimber HEY we were both bikin' around Goldendale on Sunday! I was just looking through the pics and I was like HEY that guy looks familiar and looked you up on the time score list. DNF! What happened? It was my first ever timed bike "race" (we did it non-competitively), had a really fun time. #68 out of 87 finishers on an 89-mile course with no training, no long rides in the couple months beforehand, and having fun the whole way -- success!
  10. This Thursday:)
  11. Damn, I am volunteering at the tool library that night until 8pm. If it's in Lake City and people are still around after 8, then I can make it!
  12. Humpback wasn't our initial plan and we didn't have a sno-park pass with us, so with a little work, we were able to drive up the road toward the trailhead just a bit to park there. With a higher-clearance vehicle, we could have gone much farther up the road (there was at least a Jeep up there). I'd really like to go back and explore the options across the drainage that you can see in my second photo...
  13. Humpback on Saturday was a decidedly Great Ski Day. Lots of smiles.
  14. Bump for price drop! New price $550 for highly-rated, near-new AT boots!
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