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  1. "The Alpinist " Mark-Andre' Leclerc

    Marc's passing sparked one of the most thoughtful threads I've seen on cc.com. It's full of deeply personal and thoughtful posts from many of the luminaries in our community.
  2. "The Alpinist " Mark-Andre' Leclerc

    I always loved this trailer and hoped a longer film would emerge. Never met MA, but it was easy to see he was an original, someone with vision, talent, and drive, an alpine artist, using his body to paint exoerience on the canvas of nature.
  3. [TR] Mount Goode - Megalodon Ridge 07/19/2021

    Fabulous! Will be good beta for those who are inspired to follow in your footsteps. It's awesome that so much Cascades climbing 'history' was made within the past 20 years by people we know. Perhaps this is part of what inspires each new generation to get after it and add to the pantheon of new routes.
  4. Choss-tastic! Better you than me, I say, better you than me. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
  5. Goode conditions update 7-13-21

    Glacier was trivlal, moat not an issue. We botched the chossy section from glacier to ridge crest down low. Once on the crest everything flowed quickly - or as quickly as an old body can move with overnight gear on board.
  6. RIP Chuck. Wish I had known him. The mountains giveth, the mountains taketh.
  7. Sweet! Glad you had snow at your bivy. This has been on my list for longer than I care to admit. Hope you had a delicious swim in the lake before your final descent on the trail.
  8. Climbed this the other day and wanted to quickly pass on the following conditions update: 1 - N Fork river xing was trivial - knee deep. 2 - We melted and consumed the last snow at the 3/4 bivy ledge. No water there now. 3 - A previous report suggested snow access from the summit at a notch to the West. We found this was dry. Bottom line: no snow or water on the route from the glacier until camp 7400 on the S side. Plan appropriately.
  9. [TR] West Fury - Mongo Ridge 07/05/2021

    A looseness grade for cascades would be a great system. Maybe you can be the one to pioneer it!
  10. [TR] West Fury - Mongo Ridge 07/05/2021

    Holy wow! Love how you provide so much beta so others might follow in your footsteps. What's hard for many to appreciate who haven't climbed in the Pickets is that the rock quality is often questionable, at least the parts I've seen. If we found a section of totally solid rock with a nice crack (e.g. E Ridge Inspiration) it was cause for celebration. More often, it's compact, with relatively few opportunities for pro, or shattered and full of questionable holds. How was the rock on this line?
  11. [TR] Goode - NE Buttress 07/02/2021

    Stehekin river gaugeStehekin river gauge via Chelan PUD
  12. [TR] Goode - NE Buttress 07/02/2021

    Sounds like good decisions. Did the creek levels drop substantially in the early morning hours? In high melt situations river levels lag snow melt by hours, depending on how close the creek is to the snow in question. Often, rivers will be lowest at dawn and highest in the evening. did you see a difference between 7PM and the next morning?
  13. Alpine BUCKS

    I've only seen deer and elk below treeline.
  14. Harlequin Romances

    Do goats wear bodices? Who knew?
  15. Harlequin Romances

    Blake sashaying across the snow with a murse? Layton jubilantly dancing across the meadows, arms raised in a V? Maybe these two star crossed lovers finally united. Do tell.