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  1. Happy earth day! Spoiler: you won't save the earth or anything else by reading the internet and posting on the internet. You have to get out there and DO something (and not do other things).
  2. Where's my dark lord title?!?!
  3. Many have expressed concerns about this "book". From another thread: "Consider reading this thread before you kickstart/buy this: https://www.mountainproject.com/forum/topic/120263239/thoughts-on-this-newb-guidebook
  4. New viral variants, including 'super viruses' come from naturally occurring mutations. There is a chance of a genetic error (mutation) every time a new copy of the virus is made. More people infected = more virus copy events = more chances of mutations = higher chance more dangerous viral variants will emerge. Fewer people infected = fewer virus copy events = lower chance of mutations = lower chance more dangerous viral variants will emerge. How do we have fewer people infected? Vaccines and masks and social distancing. Vaccines don't cause mutations, they train your immune system to recognize and fight the virus. I'm very sorry your white supremacist ex-potus linked politics to the pandemic. His harmful messaging caused hundreds of thousands more deaths than if he'd just listened to doctors and scientists and advocated masks from the beginning. Every living POTUS EXCEPT 45 got vaccinated live on TV and encouraged others to do so. 45 got vaccinated in secret in January.
  5. To be clear, we are not banning you. Just hoping your tinfoil hat holds up until the rest of us reach herd immunity. and you can ride on the work of others.
  6. Sharing Covid-19 and vaccine misinformation will cost people lives. An independent review board evaluated the data presented to the FDA on the Moderna vaccine and they recommended approving this vaccine. So far, there is no evidence of widespread harm caused by this vaccine and it is effective. I trust that more than any conspiracy video. Wear your tinfoil hat if you must, but don't use misinformation to encourage others to do so. Instead, try looking at footage of what happens when your tinfoil hat fails to protect people from covid. This is a documentary of an ICU nurse and a few patients she serves. Should be required viewing for anyone wondering if they should still wear their mask. Conspiracy theories are not conservative, by the way. They are just dangerous noise in the age of disinformation.
  7. WA Alpine Conditions

    Pilot error. Fixed now. Hope you have a great trip!
  8. WA Alpine Conditions

    Road conditions
  9. Did you summit?

    I've certainly never been sponsored, so I don't speak from experience there. My thoughts are captured in this tidbit I put in a CC TR for Challenger "On the last day of our trip, we encountered novice hikers and experienced climbers below Hannegan Pass who all asked if we successfully made it to the Challenger summit. They offered congratulations when we told them we did. This felt weird because our summit day was technically, mentally, and physically less challenging than many other parts of our trip. The greatest rewards lay in overcoming the various challenges we encountered along the way, spending time with a close friend, and experiencing nature on its own terms."
  10. Did you summit?

    If you didn't spray about your ass-scent on social media with a professionally edited drone video and product placements then you're not going to land sponsors. No sponsors = no money = no lovin'. Summits and fun are irrelevant to the equation.
  11. Welcome to type 2 fun. We have plenty of it in the PNW. Way to persevere!
  12. confessional

    I had the impression that Dru, in all his various incarnations, accounted for at least half the posts on the site for a while there.
  13. Photo ID need help

    If you go at the right time of year (late July?) there's a good chance you'll find a tarn with a great reflection, even if it's not the one in the photo. Maybe you'll find an even better one!
  14. Photo ID need help

    I'd say your guess of Pinnacle area is a good one. There are multiple lakes just below the trail that have great reflections, and if you go to the end of the established trail and then head right (West) onto rolling open terrain you may find a reflection puddle that yielded the photo above. FWIW, that area will be buried in snow until at least July. @JasonG's suggestion WRT Gaia and a charged phone is a good one.