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  1. [TR] Mount Hunter - West Ridge 05/31/2022

    Wow! Nice! Looks like you had incredible weather.
  2. Excellent! Awesome terrain. Thanks for posting. Could you tell how good the rock was on the W Face?
  3. Accident/Death on Triple Couloir

    Post-accident threads quickly move from condolences to incident analysis, and I think a signifcant part of that is to identify an error so that the reader can say "Oh, I would never make THAT mistake." This joins the parade of little white lies we tell ourselves to justify the risks of climbing. The reality is that bad things can happen in the mountains no matter how good or careful you are. Sometimes the only error was being there in the first place. Regarding the original post, we don't know the exact conditions at the time of the incident nor the Dr's abilities or risk tolerance, so I don't think we can objectively question his judgment. Part of the beauty of life is that we each get to make our own choices on this journey.
  4. Accident/Death on Triple Couloir

    Falling rock, ice or snow can hit a climber and do major damage and/or cause them to fall. I'm very sorry for your loss
  5. How do we add photos to an article?

    @JasonG is our guru
  6. Crazy shot

    Mixed tapes are a way to communicate on an emotional and intellectual level with friends, girlfriends, others, sharing the stoke, mystery, misery, and more. Still cherish the ones I have in the basement. Still listen to them from time to time.
  7. Fantastic! Congratulations on an excellent adventure. Seems like things went quite smoothly for you all in all. Thanks for posting!
  8. Great shots of a great adventure! Looks like you missed the quintessential wet weather of the Pickets!
  9. Slap Tear

    You haven't said where you are. If in Seattle, the FB group Seattle climbers has lots of users and I've seen similar threads there with many recs.
  10. Bridwell's Last Interview

    My variation on this is 'do what you can while you can'.
  11. Bridwell's Last Interview

  12. Happy Holidays and New Year

    I appreciate a lot of things here, have for many years, but the decline of user activity has been depressing. I would post TRs here if I could share them to FB, but when I try I get the message below. That means I'm only writing a TR for the few of you who actually show up here. If you fix this I would write TRs. Got a few good ones in mind, like a spire in the Grand Canyon... Anyway, thanks @olyclimberfor keeping the lights on. We should do a pub club once this damn pandemic thing will subside a bit. First round is on me. Cheers, Rad This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam: cascadeclimbers.com To protect people on Facebook from spam, we don't allow content that contains such URLs.
  13. I hit local grocery stores, sandwich places, gas stations when coming back from trips, rarely eat in a restaurant or drink in a bar, but then that's true in the city. Sure would like to see climbers and hikers spend money in the towns near climbing and hiking.
  14. Bridwell's Last Interview

    Yep. That's my favorite moment.
  15. Slide Scanning

    Ask Lowell Skoog. He's done a huge amount of work digitizing old images from a variety of formats, including slides.