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  1. Buckhorn Lake

    The projections I saw are that the Olympic glaciers will be gone within a few decades. Their low elevation is a key factor. That will have a devastating effect on the forests and environment as snowmelt provides water through the dry months. We will likely see more fires and changes to the natural environment.
  2. Slot canyon bridge

    Get any pics?
  3. Cool story and photos For those that don't remember, this is the route where Steve House fell 80 feet onto a ledge and probably would have died without a quick helicopter rescue.
  4. Looks like a lovely outing. Cool to see bears. A while back, my wife and I did a day hike that involved hiking up the S ridge of Rainbow Mtn, traversing the ridge toward McGregor, dropping over to Rainbow Lakes, and returning on the endless trail back around. Twas a lovely outing and a very long day. The only grizzlies I've seen have been in Yellowstone or the Canadian Rockies. Lots of black bears of all different hues around the upper Stehekin valley. I'm not going to challenge you saying you saw a Grizzly. You might let the NPS rangers know about your sighting as they get up there and would be very interested to see one.
  5. Pub Club - Seattle Area?

    I'm out next week, but feel free to carry the torch. I have fond memories of hanging w Fred, Wayne, and many other luminaries and mortals at past events.
  6. Holy Mossy Choss Buckets! Nice one! I love that in the Cascades there are a significant number of new lines where I think, "I'm NEVER doing THAT!" - but so glad you did. Thanks for posting. You've got the spirit. Keep going!
  7. Yeah, like when I was 25. That ship has sailed
  8. Sweet! I've never been on that trail you took from Defiance back to the TH. How was it?
  9. One of the nice things about this ridge is that you have cell service the whole way and can jump off at many points. Ideally, you can get a spouse or friend to pick you up and shuttle you back to the Mailbox TH as we did. SO much better and more flexible than stashing a bike or car at a specific point.
  10. Belts made from retired climbing ropes

    Can't speak for Joshua, but I've made luggage tags from sections of old rope. Slide out the core and the sheath can be pretty flat and works in water knots and other flat knots generally used for webbing.
  11. You captured several elements of the Pickets experience nicely in your TR. Thanks for posting. I also agree that it's an early season game wrt glaciers. On every Pickets trip, I have found myself having to move over sketchy 3rd/4th class terrain = loose/slippery w high consequences. The rock is generally either choss or compact and difficult to protect. Good cracks are so noteworthy they get names. That said, it is a wild, rugged and beautiful mountain wilderness that touches the soul in a memorable way. Maybe the hazards are part of the whole mystique. At some point, I may decide that the risk reward ratio isn't right for me any more. Then, I'll be delighted to read reports like yours and recall my own meager adventures. Thanks again for posting.
  12. Price Glacier on Mt Shuksan

    I can't comment on that glacier, but based on observations of glaciers in the Forbidden/Sahale/Eldorado zome a bit further South - and phtos from the Pickets a bit further East, I would say you should expect seasonal snow is almost all gone and there will be bare glacial ice to contend with. FWIW, the Price glacier is one that most people stay away from due to the objective hazards of falling seracs. That's not my cup of tea, so perhaps others will have comments to add.
  13. An incredible report of an incredible adventure!!! Thanks for posting. Going without oxygen or backup oxygen is super impressive and seems very clear cut. Being truly "Unsupported" on such a popular peak seems basically impossible given how much gear and effort from other teams is used. Congratulations! Can't wait to see what you do next! Please stay safe in the mountains, and thanks again for posting here.
  14. Sweet! In my experience, the Pickets offers plenty of type 2 fun interspersed with some type 3 fun. Almost no type 1 fun, but it sure looks like you had a good outing. Thanks for posting! That seal is an unbelieveable find!