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  1. Thanks for sharing the stoke! There are still plenty of adventures out there for those that seek them.
  2. idea Best clothing for cold, wet weather?

    Wow, what a great thread!!! Thanks for some awesome ideas! I especially like the river trip comments. As I age I'd like to think about adventures that dont involve me humping heavy ropes and rack into mountains to climb alpine routes. @montypiton were the mosquitoes atrocious? What did you do for a boat?
  3. Middle Fork Tours

    They didn't extend the road, they just paved it. So instead of bouncing an hour in potholes you drive smoothly in 15 minutes. There are a variety of trails, but they mostly run along the canyon floors. Not sure there will be any new tours to be had, but then I'm not an expert in tours in that area. Maybe someone will give you ideas - and I'll take note. Finally, if I were you, I'd post the same question on Turns All Year. More skiers there.
  4. Wow. Thanks for such a detailed set of images, overlays, and beta for the area. This will be helpful for anyone heading up there.
  5. [TR] Mount Stuart - Girth Pillar 07/31/2018

    Shit, I'm old enough to know that joke. @JD: Great jorb dudes. Pain is soon forgotten and new plans are made. Climb on!
  6. Concerning snow pack

    Thanks all. Naive question: when a slab cuts loose and the weak layer rides down the harder layer underneath it does the harder layer have some melting due to friction? If so, does it re-freeze and actually increase its hardness, thus increasing the chance of future slides down to that base level? Or is the hard base layer somehow perturbed in such a way that new slides down to it are unlikely? In any case, it sounds like this could be a very dangerous year in the PNW both in bounds and out of bounds. Bummer.
  7. Looking for a climbing partner/mentor

    I'd echo Gene's comment. Do some homework, pick an objective that you think is within your grasp, and post a partner request along the lines of 'psyched to get out and do X in the coming weeks' and see if you get any hits. You'll get out and start the climbing partner dating process...
  8. Momentum SODO and Momentum Seattle

    Updates: The sodo gym is open. Bouldering only. new holds, new walls, new gym. A good location if you work at Starbucks or live in West Seattle (not me). Word on the street is that development of the location next to SBP is on hold, perhaps indefinitely. It's easy to imagine a variety of factors in play, including proximity to SBP, the WS DOT project that seems to be using space behind the building in question as a staging area, parking challenges in the area, and homelessness in the area. I wouldn't hold your breath on this one...
  9. Vesper Peak question

    She went missing August 1st. SAR flew their chopper over that area, and then a horde of wannabe heroes flew drones with cameras all over that area. Plenty of climbers went out to do the routes in the area over the following months. I haven't been up near the Vesper summit in a while, but I'm very confident that's not SS's body. The SS rescue crowd is really wacky (go read it on FB), so I bet some of them will hold out hope and try to 'rescue' that photoshopped red blob.
  10. Was up in Source Lake area last weekend, and it's been clear since then (no new snow). I don't think you'll encounter enough snow to warrant snowshoes, but we didn't get too high. People had been approaching both via Alpental base and the Snow Lake trail. There is a good boot track going up close to the NEB base. Can't speak for the upper portions of it, but we saw a group of 14 (!!!) heading up there on Sunday. YMMV
  11. Recovering from traumatic injury/surgery

    So glad you have such a great outcome! I went through a hamstring avulsion, surgical repair, and recovery last year so I can empathize to a small degree - your fate was worse - and agree with the points you've made regarding luck and recovery. In my case, I would add two points to the luck category: having good health insurance and being in an urban area with access to top medical care that allowed me to be diagnosed and then treated by a set of care providers who knew how to quickly diagnose and treat a relatively rare injury. I learned from an online group of people across the world with similar injuries that many are not so lucky. But enough about me. I hope you continue your upward trend!
  12. Hmmm. Video not inserting. Here is the link: TedX talk by David MacKay
  13. There are a lot of mis-representations about renewable energy and fossil fuels. Perhaps the best way to address these is with numbers from 'back of the envelope calculations'. David MacKay, who sadly is no longer with us, was a physicist who devoted the latter part of his life to making the numbers around energy production and usage understandable to everyone. He wrote an excellent book and website: Sustainable Energy Without all the Hot Air. It's available along with lots of other great content for free on the web here Two simple messages: First, there are plenty of things that you as an individual can do to help reduce energy usage, so don't throw up your hands and give up. Second, if you really want to generate a lot of renewable power and you have a country with deserts, as we do in the US, you could go a long way with solar. Here he is in a TED talk.
  14. Lovely. Tank top schwacking. Hopefully no prickers