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  1. I liked a lot of things about the organization and supported them through purchases when I could. Hedge funds just want to strip costs, temporarily drive up value, and flip the asset for a profit, so hopefully the company will come out the other side and be re-born.
  2. Saw that. Messed up. Hope they catch the person(s).
  3. review Footwear in the Cascades

    Wow, that's quite a comprehensive tome. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I feel I'm always learning and am happy to hear what works for other people. I had to laugh at the pic of Steve fording a river with his shoes around his neck and the caption: "Breathable trail runners allowed Steve’s shoes to dry quickly after this ford." Yeah, they dried fast because they never got wet in the first place!
  4. Stuck at home today? Please take this WTA survey about the Mountain Loop. Your input will help shape the future of the trails network around Pilchuck, Vesper, and other hiking and climbing areas in this zone. We want climber voices to be heard. Thanks! Survey
  5. Martens are much larger than squirrels. Maybe 20-24 inches in length, 10 inches at the shoulder. Sort of like a mini fox. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_marten If you saw something that looked rather similar but was smaller than a typical gray squirrel it may have been a red squirrel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_red_squirrel
  6. @Alisse that sure is cute. Looks like he was hoping for you to hand over some Pringles or Doritos.
  7. You're on a roll. Even a partial southern Picket traverse - say West Mac to Inspiration to Degenhart - would be spectacular.
  8. Sounds great. Other amazing adventures await you out there if you have a taste for Pickets suffering. Enjoy!
  9. Amazing report! I've never been up Luna cirque at all much less headed to that peak. Gotta get there. How would you say late season is versus when there's more snow? So you never saw the couple? Hope they are OK. Everyone gets to decide what success means to them. It's part of the fun of climbing. Thanks for posting!
  10. Such a lovely route. Glad you had really clear weather and views. And a bonus bear!
  11. Wow what fantastically detailed beta. Thanks. Brings back memories of a wonderful trip of my own via Easy Ridge and Perfect Pass.
  12. [TR] Arrigetch Peaks, Brooks Range - Arrigetch 08/15/2020

    A wonderful adventure! Thanks for posting.
  13. Hardware Suggestions

    Dynamic ropes are needed for lead climbing, but it sounds like you have more of an ascending the rope thing in mind. Static rope is better for jugging. Regarding protecting the tree from the rope, look at this thread for some ideas. It's what I found in 5 minutes of Googling. https://www.mountainproject.com/forum/topic/112825859/peterskill-tree-anchors-protocol You'll probably find more if you look under static line set up or maybe arborist rigs.
  14. Holy catfish! Looks like an amazing adventure and extraction. Your positive attitude and reflection are ones I hope I will emulate when my turn comes - and I expect someday it will. Best wishes for a complete recovery.
  15. The stories that Ax could tell. Congrats on yur adventure!