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  1. Price Avalanche + Rescue

    Pretty sure the NPS doesn't charge for rescues, so medical bills plus lost/broken gear.
  2. Price Avalanche + Rescue

    "Ask me anything" - comments turned off for video. Guess they didn't like the armchair judgers
  3. "The Alpinist " Mark-Andre' Leclerc

    Yes, this is one of the best climbing films I've ever seen. Amazing climbing footage. Excellent interviews and narrations. Masterful story telling. Significant comments from many luminaries of climbing. Enough space to absorb all of it.
  4. Looking for private climbing training

    Just go ahead and contact a reputable AMGA guide, like Martin Volken in North Bend, and see what he has to say. Pro guiding service
  5. Nice. You make it look like it isn't a pile of loose rubble.
  6. That was their effect on us too!
  7. NSFW pop-ups (really?)

    Any idea when this will get fixed? Thx
  8. Thanks for posting. Way to persevere. Your willingness to state and own the errors is what will allow you to learn from them and grow. This experience will be a benchmark now for what is possible and what you can do under duress. Lots of other outings will seem easy by comparison, even if they would have scared you compared to Hood. On to the next one!
  9. Zig Zag, Mt. Erie, Pitch 2 retrobolted

    Hats off to the OP for adding a comment on MP. I added one there too. Whoever did this needs to know this is not OK.
  10. Zig Zag, Mt. Erie, Pitch 2 retrobolted

    People don't get to change existing routes without the permission of the FAer(s). That's the ethic in North America as far as I can tell. If it's too scary for you, find another route. I'd say chop away.
  11. Gorgeous! An awesome adventure. Thanks for posting. Such sweet granite in that small area. Too bad the rest of the Pickets isn't that good. I'm blown away that you were bushwhacking without gloves. It feels so luxurious to have good, light gloves to pull on the shrubbery. Maybe I've just gotten soft. Can't wait to see what you do next!
  12. Thanks for starting the thread. I'm not inclined to carry something bulky but want photos better than my iPhone. My main concern is about durability, particularly WRT dust. I have found carrying a camera in my pocket the failure mode tends to be the motor to extend/retract the lens. Can you comment on how the Sony and Canon are on this front? Do I just need to change my carrying mode? I sweat and am not excited about a fanny pack. Maybe a small case on a belt?I had some Canon powershot's back before the internet was invented, even a couple of Fuji underwater pocket ones, but no recent history. TIA!
  13. Ouch. Sorry you got badly injured. One thought beyond the physics banter on MP: When we move up the levels as climbers, it's usually good to on only push one boundary at a time. If you are near the limit of your climbing ability, then maybe dial back down the level of risk (small pro, bad landing) as a fall is pretty likely. You want to keep the consequences low. If you are very confident you won't fall, then you might dial the risk level higher with runouts, worse pro etc. It's not always obvious, but typically when we see climbers doing high consequence routes/moves it's usually because they believe their chance of falling is very low and they have rehearsed many times. Either that or they're just freakishly stong in mind and body, like Brad Gobright and Hayden Kennedy. That's not a path most of us can afford to follow. Another factor is that you were at a new area. Each area has its own style of gear placements, climbing, rock type, etc. Usually, it's good to start with easier routes in these areas and work up to the local testpieces, particularly if they were put up more than a few years ago. Thanks for sharing. Heal well!
  14. Nice. Thanks. Great report.
  15. FYI the river gauge I monitored is the Stehekin River: Chelan PUD gauge site With a little googling you can find a map that shows other gauges, such as one at Thunder Creek.