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  1. If you have chickens and cats and small dogs running around your yard that abuts the forest, then you're asking for all kinds of critters to come in and eat them: cougar, fox, coyote, raccoon, bear owl, eagle to name a few. It's like leaving an open bag of Doritos on the counter and admonishing your teenagers (or stoned friends) for eating them. Not fair.
  2. "After the successful re-introduction of the Cascades Zebra, we will soon be adding apex predators who can keep the zebras in check. A pair of Siberian Tigers are scheduled to be released on Tiger Mountain in early 2025."
  3. This is in wilderness, so please abide by all the appropriate restrictions (no bolts, or only bolts drilled by hand, etc).
  4. Cains can be very helpful navigational tools in complex terrain, particularly when they guide travelers to the best route past a dangerous obstacle such as a cliff band, steep gully, or river. They can also be helpful in open terrain where a lack of natural features makes navigation challenging. In well traveled terrain, cairns can help keep people on the proper path and prevent alternate trails or other environmental damage. That said, some cairns serve no clear purpose and can even cause problems when placed off the preferred route through an area. Superfluous cairns in wilderness are an unpleasant reminder of the presence of people, much the way stacks of stones in a river detract from the natural beauty of the river itself. Like Jason, I knock down far more cairns than I build.
  5. What's the date for the next one?
  6. Just back from a long day at Whistler. 24 hours door to door. Heading North tomorrow might be a bridge too far for me. Will check in tomorrow.
  7. Thanks or posting! Nice work! I've had a few adventures on that thing but never in winter.
  8. My kids are on the cusp of leaving the nest. Your post takes me back... My advice is simple: separate your workout/fun desires from activities with your kids and you'll be more likely to make everyone happy, including yourself. So get fit enough to get out with your friends once or twice a month. It'll be good for your body and soul. Cover parenting so your partner can have a similar opportunity. And do family-focused outdoor fun whenever you can. Just being in nature is good for everyone, even small kids. For family fun, keep in mind that often staying close to the trailhead is easier. You and your kid can have more fun playing in the snow bank across from the Alpental parking lot or near Gold Creek Pond than walking two miles in a crowded trail to Source Lake basin. If kids have a great time doing stuff outdoors with you they might be more inclined to keep doing it - with or without you - as they grow older. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Have fun!
  9. Roanoke tavern on N Cap Hill, Seattle. There is free parking nearby, bus runs right out front. Space in the back.
  10. Also, I've reached out to a few folks who might be interested who likely won't see this thread. I trust we're open to hosting whoever shows up.
  11. I'm driving from N Cap Hill and happy to give folks a ride. I won't be staying super late. DM if interested.
  12. DM me if you want a ride. No questions will be asked, no photos will be taken, no one has to know!
  13. What?!? How is that possible? I plan to attend
  14. Third Wednesday would be Dec 16th. I can do that. What time are we talking about? 7PM to be post-traffic but not too late for those of us that aren't night owls?
  15. I'm in N Cap Hill and can go in any compass direction. Don't know much about bars. If you come to Roanoke Tavern on E 10th (free parking nearby, easy access to freeways nearby, two blocks from my house) everyone's first beverage is on me. It does have a bunch of sportsy screen action but should be OK. Also close to me is the Eastlake Zoo Tavern. Apple maps describes it as a "dive bar". I could buy you cheap macro beers and your feet might stick to the floor. Good times coming!
  16. Ditto. But I installed the app, logged in (I already had an acct) and then went back and scanned QR code again and it allowed me to donate to cc.com. Mission accomplished. Oh, and PLEASE come out to pub club so it's not just old white guys
  17. Will def try to attend.
  18. We can create a Zoom link and put a camera behind a cutout of your smiling mug. Or something
  19. Way to get after it! Just getting out there and back is a huge win. I saw a ton of moose in Maine, have yet to see one West of the Tetons. Glad you saw one.
  20. Either way is fine w me. I'd be glad to donate. More important to me is getting Jon to hand over the nuclear codes so you can fix some longstanding issues. Until that happens, I won't be investing time in writing more TRs as I can't share them across platforms. Fix these issues, share access to the admin privileges across the team, and create a more sustainable long-term plan that allows more people to keep the site going and perhaps even improve it and I'll put in $500. There is a place for cc.com in this world. It is a great place for route conditions.It is a great place for adventure tales and FAs. Social media platforms and MP aren't so good for that.
  21. Rad

    Kloke Peak

    Love it. Thank you. It doesn't suprise me that Fred's reach extends beyond the grave. "No condiment left behind"
  22. Thanks for posting. As said above, this trip sounds like a resounding success. Did you come back safely, have fun, maybe have some personal growth? In my book those are the hallmarks of success, not whether or not you tag the summit. Don't let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise. Come back again as we have lots of wonderful wild places to explore out in this corner of the world!
  23. That 'kid' is now 38. Still rockin' it too
  24. The projections I saw are that the Olympic glaciers will be gone within a few decades. Their low elevation is a key factor. That will have a devastating effect on the forests and environment as snowmelt provides water through the dry months. We will likely see more fires and changes to the natural environment.
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