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I've talked a bit of shit about having a pub club, but as my cyclocross season is winding down, its time. I"m gonna make it reality. I'm interested in meeting the people who want to see this site into 2023 and beyond.  It will be in the Seattle area, sorry to those of you that can't make it because of that. And in early December.  

Lets do this.

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My cycling club does a "pub club" the first Wednesday of every month.  I'd like to get something like that going.  The cycling club has it at the same place every time (a place that actually also sponsors the club), but since we are geographically diverse, then at least for Seattle we could have a set of rotating pubs or whatever.

In West Seattle we have :

The Beer Junction (I'm inclined to have the first one here!)

The Good Society

Elliot Bay Brewery

Throw out your favorite pub and we can see if we could get it in rotation depending on how it works? Might have a poll....

So I'm thinking every 3rd Wednesday (I gotta make that cycling club one)?  But the first one will not be on that schedule, but just early December.

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7 hours ago, OlympicMtnBoy said:

I vote for farther north!  We have Eliot Bay in Lake City, and Hellbent has lots of space too!  I’m up for wherever though!

After the first one, its up in the air so Hellbent sounds good....adding it to the list for a poll here after the first one for the next one....

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I'm in N Cap Hill and can go in any compass direction. Don't know much about bars.

If you come to Roanoke Tavern on E 10th (free parking nearby, easy access to freeways nearby, two blocks from my house) everyone's first beverage is on me. It does have a bunch of sportsy screen action but should be OK.

Also close to me is the Eastlake Zoo Tavern. Apple maps describes it as a "dive bar". I could buy you cheap  macro beers and your feet might stick to the floor. Good times coming!

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OK first one I'm calling:  


December 14th,  Beer Junction, in West Seattle.   7pm till the last person leaves.  After that we will do a rotation of pubs based on either poll results or by the loudest voices.


Bridge is open!

**NOTE WE WILL NORMALLY DO 3rd Wednesdays....this is a second Wednesday this one time only***

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On 11/23/2022 at 8:11 PM, Alisse said:

Sweet, a solid 26-mile round trip bike ride! I hope it isn't raining. Rad, I also vote for the Roanoke Tavern, next time!

DM me if you want a ride. No questions will be asked, no photos will be taken, no one has to know! 

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