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  1. The loss of glacial ice feels particularly dramatic this season, doesn't it?! I've been joking for years that climate change will eliminate the need for glacier travel skills in the PNW--I didn't realize it would happen in my lifetime! A few local ones: Ice Cliff Glacier/Girth Pillar everything on the north side of Rainier Adams Glacier NW Face of Forbidden Buckner North Face
  2. Sorry to miss it. Next time!
  3. Standard Brewing in the Central District?
  4. Sorry to miss it! Lots of familiar faces in the crowd.
  5. I lost a Black Prophet up there about 15 years ago--I can't remember if it was a carbon or an aluminum/rubber one though. Not much of a tale to tell--it fell off somewhere and I had to use a skinny rock to dagger my way up the glacier. Who knows how many tools are lost up in the park!?
  6. There is a climbers trail through part of your purple line. Walk to the end of the road, near some old logging equipment, and dive straight downhill into the big trees. Cross the creek and veer up and right. Look at the satellite image for big trees, then the meadows once you gain the ridge. It's not that bad by Cascade standards.
  7. Time flies, doesn't it. Glad that you're making it happen out there!
  8. I don't know if anyone has guided it yet, but only a couple businesses hold permits in the Middle Fork. I don't mind the tree pulling either, but it certainly does detract from the route IMO. The route is a scorcher too -- definitely one to best do on a cloudy day or super early in the morning. Thanks for the kind words; glad you're enjoying the book!
  9. Glad folks are getting on this. A few notes: Yes, there is an error in the rack description. A single set to 2-3" is sufficient for most leaders. The old bolt down low on the route was deliberately placed by the FA team as a bit of a joke. The pitch 7 corner-to-tree pitch didn't exit right onto the slab since that slab is an exfoliating piece. There is talk of trimming the branches and perhaps adding a short fixed rope instead.
  10. I guided a trip last year in the Ruth Gorge for The North Face. Alex was there and we spent some camp time talking about climbing in Washington--he's been out to our crags and said he'd definitely be here again. So I got in touch and had him review the book. He's super nice and it was great to connect about our local terrain!
  11. The Snoqualmie Rock guidebook is now available for pre-order. Visit www.snoqualmierock.com for more information.
  12. Hey CC.com! I'm proud to announce the release of Snoqualmie Rock. After 5 years of research, writing, and review, this comprehensive guidebook for the I-90 corridor is finally complete. It covers well over 700 routes from Issaquah to Snoqualmie Pass at over 60 crags. You'll find it in stores this June, but you can pre-order your own copy now at www.snoqualmierock.com See you all at the crags!
  13. I have a big Fish haul bag that I'd let go for $60. I think it's the Grade V. Old, but in good shape.
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