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14 hours ago, olyclimber said:

I'm writing the same book. Except with multiple hobbies at once, so you get an extra "Jack of All Trades, and Master of None" chapter.  Is that car blind in one eye?

I get the write the chapter "How to Stay Married 30 Years when your Wife didn't Marry a Climber or Racer". We can co-author "I'll Sleep and Rest When I'm Dead"

The Sprite race car has problematic under hood air flow issues: Behind the left headlight are the dual carbs. Behind the right is the oil cooler. We want lots of fresh, cool air on both. However, the only way for air to get out from under the bonnet (hood) is under the car, which we dislike a lot because it is the very opposite of the downforce that creates traction. It's like someone pulling on your leg as you try to smear up On Line at Static Point (I wonder if this gets climbed anymore with the road closed). Bonnet vents are not legal. Some racers run with both headlights open, some both closed, some right, some left. This was my first season and I ran left open. Oil temps were fine, so I'm sticking with that setup for now.

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8 hours ago, JasonG said:

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games."

-Ernest Hemingway

Is there a bullfighting chapter in your book @CascadeClimber?

I may have misremembered that quote, as I have a chapter on bullshitting. Close enough?

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Pubclub is back!  This Wednesday at  The Beer Junction at 7pm. 

Other than the usual informal get together it has always been, I'd love to be able to capture from anyone who comes 

1. Ideas about how we can keep this site going.

2. Related to 1. ideas for growing the site to give it more vitality.

3. Improvements we can do to the site to make it better.



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2 hours ago, OlympicMtnBoy said:

I’m making the trek down from Lake City, let me know if anyone needs a ride!  I’d bring my wife but she’s gotta watch the bebe and Beveridge Place doesn’t take lil ones.  This is gonna be fun!

Stuart we meeting at The Beer Junction. That is north of Bev Place, in the West Seattle junction area.

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Oh...and I guess we need to do something to make it clear if you don't know people how to identify a CascadeClimber.  Maybe I'll wear a helmet (it may be a bike helmet, not the usual climbing helmet).  Or actually...just ask the bar tender. I'll tell them.  The place isn't big anyway. Should be evident...just shout out "WTF IS OLYCLIMBER".

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