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  1. Cool, I’ve never been up there, great views it looks like!
  2. Nice! Isn’t that the nature of rime? That it barely supports itself? Haha!
  3. Giving away for a friend who quit climbing a while ago. Shoes need a resole and harness is old software but I’d use it. Pick up in Lake City Seattle.
  4. Fun, yeah there is some great access to easyish winter stuff up there! Sometimes some cool rime even.
  5. I have some really old Salewa tour bindings (but not as old as Ramer) if you are looking for something like that? Not at home for a few days but like this: https://wildsnow.com/backcountry-skiing-history/binding-museum-backcountry-skiing/salewa-tour-1987-backcountry-skiing-alpine-touring-binding/ currently mounted on some kids skis with skinny skins but they work pretty well for easy stuff. I skied from Camp Sherman on Rainier with them one.
  6. Off topic but not, who is going to the Lillooet Ice Fest next weekend? And anyone been up there recently? I haven’t been up there for like a decade at least.
  7. Doh, I’ve been busy and missed this! Also it was guys night and was bowling with some non climber buddies. Next time!
  8. What fight? We are all one big happy family here. Go ask Texas. . .
  9. Three Fingers from Squire Creek last weekend! Who knows what it looks like now.
  10. Cool, thanks for posting up! We also approached by bike up to the horse camp with gear trailers. It was more pleasant I think. That face looks so cool, and it was a pleasant valley to camp in. Too bad the rock sucks! We also descended the way you did but cut down back towards camp earlier and it worked fine. We had planned a second day to climb another route in there but weren’t feeling it after the Falcon. There might be some better climbing left of that if one wanted to sport bolt it, didn’t look well enough protected for my timid ass.
  11. Yep, we climbed a fun little pitch up there! Maybe the “Four Pillars”?
  12. Thanks Rat, that’s about what I figured, just have to take some gear up and check things out. Now I just need someone to hold a baby for a few minutes so my wife can belay!
  13. Seen a few bolts on sandstone spires up that way while hiking. Anyone know anything about any of these random blobs of rock? Exclamation point rock looking like interesting aid on scary old rivets but some rocks up near Cheese looked like newer glue ins. Might be camping over there next weekend with family but may bring a bit of gear to explore.
  14. Fun, yeah Hardy rock sucked, this looks steeper and similar, hehe!
  15. I have some nice OR over boots if anyone needs some! I tend to use my ski boots now.
  16. Wow what a cool trip! Way to get those surveying skills and put them to the test. This reminds me a little of my travels in Kyrgyzstan and Russia but we had to search out paper maps way back then. Funny how Gaia and google maps have changed things so much. Still and adventure though! Maybe I’ll get back one day . . .
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