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  1. Can you identify this mountain?

    first glance made me think of video peak at rogers pass, but likely not correct
  2. [TR] Mt. Index - North Norwegian 06/25/2020

    Cool seeing activity on Mt Index walls! re: other big-ish walls: Diamond on Bear would be a worthy project, but don't envy you schlepping aid/wall gear back there for an attempt. East face of Tower has some potential, as does the east face of nearby Golden Horn. Buck Mtn Both Hozomeen peaks (the west face of N and north face of S) offer many lines (~2000') that the chicken-donkeys avoided on the only existing (reported) ascents. The more direct line to the summit on the north face of south Hozo would be particularly aesthetic--there's an accordion of steep, corrugated clean-looking corners leading up the upper half. For better rock, siege the direct east face of Mox/Lemolo (>2500'). Some approach pitches required to get to the sheer face. Consider being generous and leave pitons and bolts so the free-climbin' sport-monkeys can go back for the FFAs
  3. [TR] Liberty Cap - Ptarmigan Ridge C2C 07/11/2020

    that's a big push. appreciate the pics, looks like engaging climbing conditions. and the entertaining boneless chicken farm pics on the summit slog ring true--single pushes sure get painful up top.
  4. Well that looks like fun in an out-of-the-way place. Surprised that Rolf would climb something that actually looks reasonably good--you must've twisted his arm. Is the rock granitic, or gneiss?
  5. glad you guys enjoyed the report. tanstaafl: yeah, some bad humans left a bunch of junk at one site--got most of it, but lacked capacity for a shattered cooler. Kam: oh, tubby had cheese alright. a lack of cheese threatens his essence. I think you'd enjoy the route and the whole package, it's a beautiful area, and a nice weather option for poor west side wx. Kyle: saw your Berge report; good stuff, that route looks comparable in tech difficulty but of higher rock quality. it probably helps that it gets more 'traffic'. Here's another pic I forgot to post, with Cleator (visible) and Berge's (blocked behind Cleator) grand-daddy Buck looming in background: https://photos.app.goo.gl/axZRhc4xEvjcmumr7
  6. heck yes! thx for the detailed report, good stuff.
  7. whoa, neato trip, entertaining write-up, and fantastic pics! that Frenzel camp looks five star--both in your pics and from Himmelgeisterhorn a few years ago--must get there one of these days. any berries to feast one along the way? hope the Terror Twins made it out ok. and, hahaha: "You really should go climb both North and South Hozomeen". General's orders like that ensure mutiny. appreciate you taking the time for the report.
  8. For sure! Constance holds abundant good ski lines. Thanks for the report, and nice work. That mountain's summit is a favorite, exposed and fantastic views all around.
  9. nice pics! yes agree that area is gorgeous, lots of cool flora, walls, towers and interesting features, and plenty of local relief. and a favorite spring ski destination, solitude more or less assured in that season. thanks for the vicarious revisit.
  10. Bannock Mountain NE Face

    i've wondered the same; haven't consulted the B Bible, but it sure looks vegetated. could still be 'fun' to explore some of those buttresses
  11. [TR] Goat Mountain - SW route 03/31/2018

    looks like a cool route. tempted to follow your tracks sometime. and as always, nice pics "The happy(ish) crew, ... before things got really ugly" do tell. did a happy-hippy-skippy ski descent down to the road encounter the cold hard face of shrubby reality? Or is that road uphill both ways? or perhaps avy debris nightmare?
  12. nice 'discovery', lads! looks like a solid addition to your empire of dirt. have wistfully looked up at that wondering if/when someone might climb it. how many snargs on the rack?
  13. nice report! whiskey is an essential ingredient to camping in the crescent cr basin environs. 4 hours to the drop-in point near the chopping block? damn, either that trail has been beat in, and/or you guys were moving. with that kind of steam, you shoulda checked out the central buttress on the S face of Terror, a worthwhile climb imo. that Wild Hair Crack climb does rank high on my list of shorter climbs worth the hike...wild place, with neat history.
  14. looks like a great trip. agree the Leap offers a prime cragging situation. Haystack was my first ever climb, on a lark while visiting my bro in CA. his (relative newbie) buddy had led the crux pitch, that I followed wide-eyed, only to arrive at the belay to hear he wasn't confident in the anchor--my brother would later describe the anchor as 'whimsical'. thanks for the opp'y to revisit that place, good spot for sure.