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  1. For sure! Constance holds abundant good ski lines. Thanks for the report, and nice work. That mountain's summit is a favorite, exposed and fantastic views all around.
  2. nice pics! yes agree that area is gorgeous, lots of cool flora, walls, towers and interesting features, and plenty of local relief. and a favorite spring ski destination, solitude more or less assured in that season. thanks for the vicarious revisit.
  3. Bannock Mountain NE Face

    i've wondered the same; haven't consulted the B Bible, but it sure looks vegetated. could still be 'fun' to explore some of those buttresses
  4. [TR] Goat Mountain - SW route 03/31/2018

    looks like a cool route. tempted to follow your tracks sometime. and as always, nice pics "The happy(ish) crew, ... before things got really ugly" do tell. did a happy-hippy-skippy ski descent down to the road encounter the cold hard face of shrubby reality? Or is that road uphill both ways? or perhaps avy debris nightmare?
  5. nice 'discovery', lads! looks like a solid addition to your empire of dirt. have wistfully looked up at that wondering if/when someone might climb it. how many snargs on the rack?
  6. nice report! whiskey is an essential ingredient to camping in the crescent cr basin environs. 4 hours to the drop-in point near the chopping block? damn, either that trail has been beat in, and/or you guys were moving. with that kind of steam, you shoulda checked out the central buttress on the S face of Terror, a worthwhile climb imo. that Wild Hair Crack climb does rank high on my list of shorter climbs worth the hike...wild place, with neat history.
  7. looks like a great trip. agree the Leap offers a prime cragging situation. Haystack was my first ever climb, on a lark while visiting my bro in CA. his (relative newbie) buddy had led the crux pitch, that I followed wide-eyed, only to arrive at the belay to hear he wasn't confident in the anchor--my brother would later describe the anchor as 'whimsical'. thanks for the opp'y to revisit that place, good spot for sure.
  8. Very cool to see a repeat (already)! Nice work. Glad you found the way in from the south works fine. Haha re: your signature, apropos for this particular climb Would like to see some pics if you got'em
  9. fantastisch! both the trip and the photography. that n despair summit is a special place. i recognize that rusty film tin; what's with the little plastic container, a new register, or something else? and the axes deployed in the heather--classic. that's either a throwing disc on Tim's pack, or a portable toilet. in that vein, my guess for the origins of "Shrundy" are not public-forum-appropriate. glad i stopped in here at cc.com to see your trip, and seano's impressive feat. thanks for posting this
  10. nice report mr mutz, looks v, fun. up close, those upper pitches look as good as we imagined them. and the bombay maw approx as 'entertaining', as bellows puts it. don't know whether to feel honored or insulted re: the name. "UW's improbable coif" might be better, but i digress. appreciate you thinking of me, wish i could've joined you guys.
  11. great TR, sweet trip! dig those rugged peaks of crescent cr basin. also, some nice photos across the way of despair and triumph. "I think i may be done with the Pickets. But it was a trip i will always cherish." that's easy to say now. just when you think you're out, they pull you back in.
  12. well that looks like fun. "on the way to whiskey", the essence of a fine moment strong work fellas, way to snag a prime line
  13. nice trip and report! great route, and looks like you found it in v good condition. do you have pics off to the right of your route, for example of the Mowich face area? thanks in advance if you do