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  1. I have some nice OR over boots if anyone needs some! I tend to use my ski boots now.
  2. Wow what a cool trip! Way to get those surveying skills and put them to the test. This reminds me a little of my travels in Kyrgyzstan and Russia but we had to search out paper maps way back then. Funny how Gaia and google maps have changed things so much. Still and adventure though! Maybe I’ll get back one day . . .
  3. Any interest in some rock this weekend Tom?
  4. Anyone want to get out on some rock before summer ends? I’ve been home with baby and doing easier stuff this summer but can probably still lead most 5.10 sport or 5.9+ trad. Would love to get a moderate alpine climb (maybe mountain loop or the new Snoqualmie sport climbs but could also crag. Probably just a day climb if we haven’t climbed before. Cheers, Stewart
  5. Nice! Been a long time since I brush bashed up tunnel creek to those lakes! You took the easy way!
  6. Sweet! Done that route twice now, just love rambling around that ridge. Cool bivy up there where you can watch the sunset and sunrise from your bag. we were up past Camp Handy over 4th of July weekend on our first backpacking trip with baby. I was actually surprised how not crowded it was that weekend.
  7. So cool, great to see this repeated! Thanks for the TR! Now you ought to go check out the Needles traverse up the Dungeness next!
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