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  1. [TR] Mt Hood - Circumnavigation 02/12/2022

    Looks like a fun ramble!
  2. snoqualmie train tunnel

    It closes? I think it was easy to get around any gate last time I was there in winter, at least from the west side.
  3. [TR] Forbidden Peak Winter Ascent - West Ridge 01/23/2022

    Cool, that’s an adventure! Good weather and snow for it I think.
  4. [TR] El Dorado - NW Couloir (Attempt) 11/21/2021

    Yeah, use white gas stoves for real cold. Otherwise use the poor burn to heat a tiny bit of water and put the whole stove/canister in that, you just need the gas to be warmer and the water helps conduct that heat faster than trying to warm the can in your jacket (then it gets super cold real fast again anyways). Or use one of the metal conducting methods mentioned above. But basically any white gas stove will do way better than a canister in cold, I only use the above techniques if I wasn’t planning on the cold/snow.
  5. Best breakfast for a long day

    Nice thread bump! I can say that 1.5 lbs of bacon is a bad idea. It seemed like a good idea when I cooked up 2 lbs for our party of four but then realized only 2 of us were eating meat and one didn’t pull his weight. Halfway up the skin track on St. Helens I was truly appreciating the meat sweats. Seriously though, early morning is hard, sometimes I make my oatmeal/grits/cream of wheat as others have said but do I extra soupy. I can generally drink it down even if I’m not hungry and it’s bonus hydration. Adding some PB2 peanut butter powder or powdered milk is good too along with nuts/dried fruit. I do find I need more protein than that pretty soon though and eat some sausage/jerky 30-60 mins later.
  6. [TR] Mount Torment - North Ridge 08/09/2020

    TFPU, I feel I’m a few TRs short as well! I may have to go check out some of this obscurity!
  7. [TR] Chiwaukum Range - Chiwaukum High Route 09/09/2021

    Nice work Kyle, looks fun!
  8. [TR] Beebe Mountain - NE ridge 05/02/2021

    Glad you got out and checked it out Joe! I had more fun on the mostly good rock of Lexington at WA pass. :-)
  9. Price Avalanche + Rescue

    Yeah, I know that feeling.
  10. Can’t post cc.com links on Facebook?

    So I started getting a message on Facebook when I try and post a link to a TR that cascadeclimbers.com doesn’t meet the “community standards” and it won’t let me post a link with cc.com in it. Sometimes I like to point the faces book back to a real place for TRs and that kinda sucks if we can’t. I haven’t looked up how that can get reversed but maybe you all tried already? Maybe related to earlier hacking?
  11. [TR] Stuart Range - Stuart Range Traverse 08/30/2021

    Yeah, way to get after it, I like these TRs.