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  1. Hah, good story! Glad you made it and learned some! Thanks!
  2. Mt. Erie Saturday March 27?

    My few remaining usuals are busy or out of town. I really haven’t climbed much since my accident last summer but I did hit the gym once and vantage once and I feel good. Probably out of shape but can still get up most 10s. Happy to just be in the sun and climb something! Let me know if you wanna get out. Still taking Covid precautions as well. Cheers, Stewart
  3. Absolutely, often stop for a snack on the way or a beer/meal afterwards. Covid messed with that a bit but it’ll come back. You should set up a survey if you are looking for more data.
  4. New sport climbing guidebook (kickstarter campaign)

    Cool, looks like a nice book for new folks.
  5. [TR] Diobsud Buttes - Standard 04/16/2020

    Good one, ya gotta have a locked gate adventure every now and the .
  6. [TR] Mount Hood - North Face Right Gully Solo 11/21/2020

    Cool, nice work!
  7. Awesome, just awesome, thanks for sharing on cc.com!
  8. [TR] Kaleetan Peak - South Route 10/25/2020

    Fun! Nice pics.
  9. [TR] Little Tahoma - Lawless 03/03/2020

    Wow, that seems like an adventure! Way to go!
  10. So nice! Funny for me to see it without snow!
  11. [TR] Twin Sisters - Obscurities Redux 08/23/2020

    Damn, I need an ebike. Looks fun!