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  1. Thanks for asking, I’m just really lucky with the breaks as they may be, hah. I had a neck collar for too many months and I was able to start some light PT at three. I was back doing easy too ropes in the gym and xc skiing in 6 months and am pretty much back where I was now. Any new lack of fitness and aches and pains I blame on becoming a dad. With a seven vertebrae fusion I surprisingly don’t notice much in limited mobility since the thoracic spine doesn’t move as much anyways. I can’t look behind me as far as I used to without turning my upper body but I only notice that when biking and checking on a rider right behind me. I was able to get back out in August of 2021 to try again and approached up Mt. Tom creek. Due to other party limitations, weather, and difficult terrain we ended up just cresting the ridge near Hoh Peak and then dropping down to Dragon Lake. Dragon Lake had been on my list forever so that was super cool but I still need to get up that ridge on Mt. Tom. Thinking about trying again this summer up the S. Fork of the Hoh to Hoh Peak and then up the ridge to Tom and maybe Lake of the Gods and out Falls Creek. We’ll see!
  2. That’s awesome! Thanks for supporting with your art!
  3. Also I forgot to mention therapy. I saw a therapist after my accident for a while and it helped to process stuff. Totally normal to get some mental health help too!
  4. Yeah, lots of good advice in here, I can relate to the end of the world feeling from my broken neck and back in 2020 although as things go my recovery was fairly straightforward and quick. Attitude is huge and sometimes all you can control (other than religiously doing your pt). It really helped to just keep focused on getting back to what you love and telling yourself you can over and over. Do whatever you can to get outside, even if it’s just rolling a wheelchair in the yard and build from there . Watch movies and read Alpinist for stoke (a buddy got me a subscription for a gift when I was down). Just keep keeping on and you’ll get there. We are all cheering for ya!
  5. Ok, I just joined as I need some motivation. I’m new to this Strava thing, I’ve been using MapMyFitness and Gaia, do you all track things in more than one app at a time? I tend to use one for my conditioning runs and bikes and Gaia for actual outdoor adventures. Also logging my excuses early, almost all my around town activities involve jogging with a stroller and a dog in tow. It doesn’t make me faster. 😉
  6. Stick it to me!
  7. Another classic northwest pinnacle toppled due to climate change/climate migration.
  8. I did save the note Fred left on my car once in classic scrawl on a napkin! I was lucky enough to have a couple big adventures with him and even made it up a peak or two (with and without him in tow). Happy Birthday Fred! I hope you found some unclimbed peaks in the next life.
  9. I’m gonna be in Twisp doing some XC skiing with a baby, hopefully not in the rain. So don’t come to Hellbent!
  10. Whatcha gonnna do with em???
  11. Ok, I’ve been offline doing Xmas stuff! I nominate Hellbent Brewing in Lake City, plenty of seating and good beer and food trucks!
  12. I saw Reeducation and read Reduction. We are at that camp.
  13. Hah, I should probably go to the right bar! There in 10.
  14. I’m here! Where is the helmet! I got the couches.
  15. I’m making the trek down from Lake City, let me know if anyone needs a ride! I’d bring my wife but she’s gotta watch the bebe and Beveridge Place doesn’t take lil ones. This is gonna be fun!
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