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  1. [TR] Chiwaukum Range - Chiwaukum High Route 09/09/2021

    Nice work Kyle, looks fun!
  2. [TR] Beebe Mountain - NE ridge 05/02/2021

    Glad you got out and checked it out Joe! I had more fun on the mostly good rock of Lexington at WA pass. :-)
  3. Price Avalanche + Rescue

    Yeah, I know that feeling.
  4. Can’t post cc.com links on Facebook?

    So I started getting a message on Facebook when I try and post a link to a TR that cascadeclimbers.com doesn’t meet the “community standards” and it won’t let me post a link with cc.com in it. Sometimes I like to point the faces book back to a real place for TRs and that kinda sucks if we can’t. I haven’t looked up how that can get reversed but maybe you all tried already? Maybe related to earlier hacking?
  5. Nice pics, love this time of year!
  6. [TR] Stuart Range - Stuart Range Traverse 08/30/2021

    Yeah, way to get after it, I like these TRs.
  7. for sale ton of gear Ice, Aid, Trad retiring from climbing

    I mean, just for fun, you should post about least a sampling. Some of us need to live vicariously through other gear hoarders. What’s most interesting in your collection?
  8. Love it, getting after it out there! I still need to climb Mystery one of these days.
  9. [TR] Mount Clark - Standard 08/09/2021

    I love seeing all these Olympic TRs!
  10. [TR] Salami Slab, Darrington - Snagglepuss 07/05/2020

    Cool, I need to check this out!
  11. [TR] Buck Mountain - Northeast face 08/11/2021

    Thanks, sounds fun!
  12. Hah, good story! Glad you made it and learned some! Thanks!