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  1. [TR] WELKER! - Whacky Wallow 01/18/2021

    Traditional route up, eh? Hmm, let's hear the details!
  2. [TR] Trappers Peak - South Ridge 01/23/2021

    A great day out! Glad we could summit and therefore party! @JasonG you can take your snowshoes and...
  3. Best Ridge walks in Washington

    This sounded like an amazing way to climb West Mac!
  4. Lake Chelan Sawtooth SKIING (???)

    You bring the sled, I'll bring the beers! But.. you live in CO now ? Tumbleweeds sound better for my ski bases than rocks...
  5. [TR] WELKER! - Whacky Wallow 01/18/2021

    It sure was... something! I can't remember the last time someone I'd met less than 12 hours prior yelled "Fuck you, Alisse!" not once, but twice. 😁 @kmfoerster you should have come! I wish I had a witness to the day (and survivors' group therapy buddy). @JasonG forgot to mention in the TR that he graciously led the vast majority of the post-holing. @Kit and I offered to take over MULTIPLE times but @JasonG snarled and fended us off with his axe. A fun day out, though, in all seriousness. I don't even regret bringing up the beers for you two -- thanks again for letting me join you!
  6. Hell yeah @Michael Telstad!! Nice work, fun TR to read 👍👍
  7. idea MYOG - Gear mod's and personal creations.

    Thanks! I might try something similar to this in the future. I actually scored a free half-liter collapsible/foldable type water bottle that had a grommet in the corner (!) so I just use that with a tiny accessory biner on one of my pack's straps (so it kind of hangs near my hip)....my description is poor and it sounds like it would be in the way, but I don't find it to swing or be annoying. I usually just refill it at any breaks.
  8. Excellent, excellent! Glad y'all got out. Pretty slick pack, @kmfoerster!
  9. Lovely as always, sorry about your camera parts (and your wrist -- but surely that looks different by now). Excellent flower pics, good choss shots. I came close to hauling my skis up to Old Snowy in early November...I guess it'll be better to do that much earlier in the year
  10. Runout M4 on nubbins 😬 Nice work!!
  11. How did I miss this TR, @JasonG?! Looks fun, going to add Jupiter to the list! My bike lacks both disc brakes and suspension....pure road bike. What were you on?
  12. Washington recs for 5-12 mile snowshoe route?

    Welcome to Washington @Josh c! You have probably already perused http://www.wta.org but if not, I recommend it! I think you may even be able to filter the hikes with something like "snowshoe" ... maybe. I assume you're also familiar with http://www.nwac.us? Have fun out there!
  13. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    @Eli Spitulnik Glad you guys made it down safely! Congrats on a home court classic. 🙂
  14. Guess I wasn't logged in, and it gave me an error message... weird. Pics (pardon my bad photo editing skills with trying to balance the white):
  15. Yes, love the golden eagle photo!
  16. Amen to this. Most white-knuckled driving I've ever done, that late afternoon on the 25th. I think I convinced my friend to get winter tires and chains/socks/whatever for her AWD Subie. A friend ended up loaning his chains to another CRV that had pulled over halfway down iced-over road (the driver hopped in with my friend to the end of the ice, and then hiked the chains back up to their car to be able to get out safely). Nice compilation of resources
  17. Seeking conditions update on lane peak

    On Lane Peak? Without a doubt, I think!

    It's called that because when six inches of fresh grace the hills, you gotta bring your rock skis, riiiiight?!
  19. Ski partners!

    Hi! I would love to find more potential partners for spring ski objectives and traverses in Washington, BC (hopefully within my lifetime...), California, and Alaska. I am planning to probably take April - June off work this coming spring and I'd love to find someone else with that kind of open availability. Ideally we maybe go on some fitness hikes and go ski some pow this winter together to figure out if we can stand each other/risk assessment/fitness/communication stuff. At least through the end of January, I will have normal weekends off. I've been climbing for about ten years, skiing for about five years (36 months of TAY!), have followed maybe 40 pitches of ice and led a handful of easy ones, and I've taken the last two summers off work to pursue mountain things. I've taken AIARE 1, AIARE's avalanche rescue class (and I practice the skills!), and have an up to date WFR cert. I'm planning to take AIARE 2 (Rec) this winter. I've been known to surprise partners with backcountry beer. I hope to find people with a similar or greater level of experience who don't shy away from long approaches, carrying their skis, a little schwack, or spending the night out instead of doing something C2C for more time in the backcountry. I'm in Seattle. Let me know if this sounds like you! Aiisse threesixO 224 778three
  20. Congrats on a classic! And solo. Dang, I would not have wanted to downclimb Winnie's Slide in late season!
  21. What a great way to turn up the adventure for West Mac! Glad you got this TR up, and I especially love the photo that is right after "Steve with the veggie belays"!
  22. I personally think Jason's suggestion of land mines is definitely the solution here.