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  1. North Fork Crag (((renaissance&revolt)))

    There's a bigger crag across the valley from the NF. so no river crossing. Caves, steepness and great looking long 5.8s 5.10s (3 pitches? 5 pitches?) Probably gonna bolt a couple routes up there this summer if anyone's interested. Helms Deep is taking up my time quite nicely though
  2. North Fork Crag (((renaissance&revolt)))

    Embrace pain and imminent death, or bushwhack 2 miles from the nearest bridge
  3. North Fork Crag (((renaissance&revolt)))

    If anyone was wondering about this as I'm sure you all were it's Michael Madison who's been rebolting the whole thing also it is sandbagged and fun as fuck
  4. North Fork Crag (((renaissance&revolt)))

    We have plans for that, if not a full Tyrolean then something similar. A fixed dinghy maybe. I have yet to see it in full flow though.
  5. So I went up to the infamed north fork crag yesterday and am PSYCHED OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND. Long story short - bushwhacked through swamp, crossed the river too far north, bushwhacked up to some random cliff, chilled in the woods, gave up, went back to river, spotted the actual crag, found the trail, went up, saw routes, screamed with ecstacy, bushwhacked back in the dark swamp. (For those who don't know it's a huge cave/amphitheater, 25 ish bolted routes all 11 through 13, stays dry in the rain, 15 miles up the north fork county road out of north bend.) So if anyone is psyched about this, please join me in trying to beat a new trail in between the road and the river. The crossing is chill this time of year but the swamp creek crossings are irritating. From what I've read in old threads the creeks just mush everything up pre river so it'll need a solid effort to squish one in. The road is plenty driveable, bolts are in great shape, there's a few modern permas, the routes are stunning and it's total choss. My cave stoked friends and I are gonna be out there doing this mo matter what, this crag is too good to be true (ain't climbed hardly anything yet but it looks better than World Wall in my _humble_ opinion). But it'd be more fun with more people. If you have more info about the crag pls post and such.
  6. New route Tooth?

    Yeah I thought the crux was maybe 10a or b. But 9+ seems fair overall.
  7. New route Tooth?

    Thanks Bill! The seasons mostly over but I guess I'll try to get out and do it before the snow, or next year I suppose. Appreciate your hard work.
  8. New route Tooth?

    Yup. Wayne Wallace mentioned it to me at Index a week or two ago. I think. And I overheard someone (maybe Nelson?) at Marblemount talking about a new bolted route on the Tooth, mid 10.
  9. New route Tooth?

    I heard there was a new Whitelaw Nelson sport route on the Tooth. Anyone have deets/rumor confirmation?
  10. RUMR's kid is crushing

    Glad to hear he'll be back to sport climbing eventually, his potential there always intrigued me more. Maybe he'll try to repeat Flex Luthor?
  11. Marblemount Permit Wait Times

    Idk about a Friday. A couple Tuesdays ago I was there, we arrived at 6:55 and waited an hour and 15 minutes to talk to the ranger and get the permit. I think two or three groups had gotten tickets the night previous and several more had gotten there 10 minutes before us. Maybe you can extrapolate from that, hope it helps...
  12. Dayum, your first Cascade trip outside of the Pickets? Thats fuckin hard core. Can't imagine the motivation needed to attempt a new route (on Mox, no less) after a week in the wilderness.
  13. [TR] Mount Goode - Megalodon Ridge 07/19/2021

    So rad. Inspiring TR doodz
  14. Aid Climbing Practice Circuit

    Funny you mention it, I've been wanting to get on that baby for a while now.
  15. [TR] das toof - South Face & Tooth Fairy 06/21/2021

    Ahhh. Remembered I was gonna bring Mr. Herrington's weird ass Trango cam and place it and take a pic so he could see what all my shenanigans scaring his neighbors at 11pm finding his house to pick it up came to fruition, but I forgot. Such is life.