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  1. cfire


    "These range from a two-night weekend hike that includes a night at Phantom Ranch ($2,599) to a seven-night trip that starts at Grand Canyon and also includes Lake Powell, Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly National Monument ($4,299)." Seems reasonable. At $2600 for 2 nights of "camping", maybe we should give them the Enchantments too. Accessible prices like that would open up the lottery.
  2. Happy you guys made it down in one piece. That was quite the epic. Good to see the old guys giving you some solid advice here and I hope you take it and maybe throttle down the objectives to more moderate terrain until you have a good base of knowledge and experience in the mountains. As an old guy, I remember Marc Andre on here many years ago doing moderate objectives around Vancouver, posting TR's and being completely stoked to get advice. You should try it. The harder stuff will come with time, or you'll run out of time with horrible results. I've been on here long enough to see too many people get in over their heads and never come back. Don't let that be you. Climbing those kind of routes in winter adds another level of complexity. Try some longer summer alpine routes to get "The Dance" worked out. And a space blanket lives in every one of my packs without leaving. Even better, a lightweight bivy bag or tarp. Canadian Rockies guides don't climb without one. Found that out the hard way after our own epic up there, and I was seasoned even back then! Cheers and good luck!
  3. So, so much more. There are some epic scrambles and moderates up to hard core. In Summer of '22 a party in camp had a preliminary copy of a new guide book that was supposed to come out this year.
  4. Sorry - I suck at computers...
  5. I'd recommend these conditions. That looks too chossy for even you!
  6. Jason consistently produces the best images on this website. Great trip guys! When you nail the weather, bug, and snow condition window on that traverse you certainly win the trifecta.
  7. Nice photos and nice trip. I can imagine the drive home with open exhaust was just what one wants after a long tour.
  8. Whoa DanO! This was some inspiring reading. I might suggest you slow down on the old keyboard as I was about halfway through your credo when I started developing a headache from all the typos. I think a Guatemalan refugee could spell better, but as part of the invading force she will be too busy crushing our freedoms to teach you grammar. Get some fresh air brother. Seagal has it from here.
  9. I kicked and screamed like a 2 year old strapping those infernal adjuncts to my feet. Pure hatred. The snow had better improve for skiing! Great scenery on a bluebird day.
  10. cfire

    Trad anchors

    Sorry I'm slow. Carry on!!!
  11. cfire

    Trad anchors

    Uh, I beg to differ.
  12. It was a great(long) day up there with Darin. The climbing was very enjoyable and would recommend it, but the run under the ice fall was full on alpine gauntlet.
  13. Great job Jason and Kit! Guess I should have found time for that adventure Everyone has a Good Food story. I always felt like I was walking into a Far Side cartoon every visit.
  14. Trip: Lincoln Peak - Standard Route…I guess Trip Date: 06/11/2018 Trip Report: Trent texted Sunday night wanting to know if I was in for tomorrow. Uh, sure. For what? His partner bailed on his planned Lincoln Peak trip. Did I want to go. I haven't climbed any alpine in month's, out of climbing shape, drank all weekend with friends. Sure, I'll go. But I don't know anything about the route or approach, so Trent is the navigator on this one. We got a later start Monday so we didn't have to sit in camp for too long that afternoon. Left Burlington at 11am and drove up to the infamous FSR34. We had the secret weapon for FSR 34. Big Blue, a '79 Ford super duty beast of a truck. We drove up the road through brush and ruts to within 1 switchback of the end. Big Blue would not be denied. We then started the thrash up the old road bed. It is a thrash with plenty of slide alder, rock and an occasional trail. We broke off uphill after having enough of the road bed and enjoyed steep underbrush until finally breaking out onto snow. Surprisingly there was a fairly substantial layer of fresh snow, but travel was easy from there to high camp at the end of the ridge. We got from the car to camp in under 3 hours thanks to Blue. Great views of Lincoln and the route were enjoyed while sipping some whiskey and trying to stay warm. It was breezy and colder than we expected for the evening with clouds moving in and out. A 2am start got us to the top just after 6 for a cool sunrise. The shrund was negotiated with about 40' of steep s'nice climbing, then some crappy snow climbing with a 2" breakable crust with 4-5 inches of sugar underneath. We did have the occasional front pointing, but the large part of the climb was popping through the crust, unless you're bantamweight Trent who seemed to dance on top way more than clydesdale me. Route finding was pretty straightforward and the climbing consistently steep and enjoyable without being hairy. We broke out the rope for the final 10ft onto the summit. Great views with clear weather on top in fresh sunshine was perfect. One rappel off the summit and then we down climbed the entire route with the exception of the schrund, where we did one 30m rappel off of a picket. The steps I bitched about on the way up made for easy down climbing and back to camp. The thrash back down to Big Blue made us cuss and spit, but we made it back in 2 1/2 hours and licked our wounds with IPA spittle. All in all a great day out with Trent. The climb is really enjoyable with a bit of Rockies taste to it. If someone cut a path through that hell of an approach I think it would be a regular classic for its short climbing window. Some crappy cell phone pictures. No Jason G on this trip to capture the great images. I suck at photos. Gear Notes: 2 tools, rope, pickets, Hunters Approach Notes: Big Blue. Shwack, thrash, swear
  15. If you go to Banff/Canmore, you had better be on your toes. Serious conditions up there right now. I'm heading up Sunday, but know some places out of the firing line and plan on being very cautious. If you're not familiar with the area I would be very hesitant to recommend going up there for a bit. http://www.avalanche.ca/news/avalanche-canada-is-issuing-a-special-public-avalanche
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