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I'm putting together a list of catagorized weblinks for the the upcoming revamping of CC.com. I'll mine this forum for good links, but please post any climbing related websites that you don't think are here. A few of the catagories:


Rock Climbing

Alpine Climbing

Personal Website

Climbing Photography

Gear Related

Forums for other parts of the world


Edit: add ski/boarding related too. thumbs_up.gif

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i reckon all of these have been mentioned, but...


the best on-line source for backcountry Coast Range of BC info is:


membership is required to get beyond skimming (cdn$25/yr), but for anyone who wants to get "beyond the guidebooks" this site is invaluable.


i spend more time cruising/researching/daydreaming the BC Basemap than any other source:


then click the "Provinical Basemap" link.


ice climbing weather for Lillooet, Marble Canyon (see Clinton...), etc is available from the gov't:


or private enterprise:



cheers, don

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