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  1. Anyone been there lately? Road open? Any info on snow conditions above Colchuck Lk? Picture? Mahalo for info!
  2. Upon rules inspection, replaced image with no photoshop touchups; other version available in gallery. Also, tried to delete previous post; unsuccessfully; submitting image that is legal.
  3. Mike Fields Ice Climbing in Lillolet, Canada
  4. Nice going "Girls" If that was your 1st attempt-then it was fantastic achievement! Thank you for the story and many pics. I got it on top after my 4th attempt!LOL! Now I'm laughing 1st, went so fast, we never located the river crossing and continued till "gondola" 2nd, this time located the crossing, but then did not locate the "imperfect impasse" 3rd, got weathered and still could not locate the "imperfect impasse" 4th, summited, but the weather was toying with us to the bitter end; rain at Perfect Pass Marek
  5. Why not just use an AT binding for the downhill portion of the race? AT Bindings?=Randonee bindings? (free hill on the way up/lock on the way down) I have old skis with old Fritz'is randonee bindings; is moving them to short skis the only option? Any way to rig my downhill bindings to accept randonee boots? In Ski to Sea, first one needs to climb up about 2K feet, and then ski down in the same equipment; no backpacks, must ski down in boots used on the way up. Last year I used short kids skis to save weight, but climbing up in ski boots sucked! I think I can save 5min+ using more flexible boots (like my yellow Koflahs) Any suggestions? Marek
  6. I'm not a Randonee guy, but will need this set up for Ski to Sea Do the boots clip into downhill bindings? Marek
  7. I know this was few days ago, but how was the road access? Can you drive? Bike or skis?
  8. Dude, nice find and good work! How was the road? Bike or ski's
  9. I coach track and cross country for 3 schools in South Seattle, and it is just fantastic to see how some of them develop into star athlets; already can't keep up with my 13 year old son's interval trng.
  10. A friend of mine has this at Kendal Mountain Festival in UK I loved it!
  11. A friend of mine has this at Kendal Mountain Festival in UK I loved it!
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