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  1. tendons come and go

    Muscles come and go. Tendons do too but much more slowly. If I took a year off climbing and suffered the corresponding muscle atrophy, how long would it take my tendons to atrophy to a non-climber level as well? I want to have fun and pull hard but don't want to pull too hard too soon.
  2. Back bishiz

    Hai. After a long absence from CC, my life, my wife, and a lotta general poor decisions (no I didn't go to jail) I am back lurkin around the shadows on this good forsaken shitshow of a website and trying to get my climb on again. I figured that the first step to getting strong again was to start posting on here again. How ya been?! I see some familiar faces and some new ones. And until I figured out fourteen.four was resurrecting the dead I was about to lay some serious bitching on y'all about a lack of anything getting done around here for still having a post of mine show on page 1 of the Oregon forum 3 years after I left.
  3. Hai guys! Long time no see! So some buddies and I are going to try for Jefferson again next weekend, weather permitting and I wanted to get some descent beta. Last attempt we bailed below the summit and descended the milk glacier then traversed back to camp... which sucked. We were looking for rap stations but came up empty on the usual ones I think due to snow covering them. Can anyone tell me if there is a better way to get down besides reversing the ridge or coming down milk glacier? I don't fancy either. Kthxbai.
  4. Ivan, Crazy Nick is married and settled down in Colorado I believe. Mighta even had a kid I think! Mooner, RIP man. You were loved.
  5. Jason, we met in Portland a few times this winter. Your lovely lady Marissa was along with you. Lost your email, but you can PM me here if you see this.
  6. CC.com 2013 Photo Contest Voting

    Just a formatting thought for the future; the photos are numbered a little close together and I can see how someone could think a photo was numbered for the one above vs below it and end up not voting for the one they intended. Perhaps next year put a gap between photos so it is more clear what number is associated its which photo. Carry on with the spectacular work gentlemen!
  7. He needed to warm up when we were done...
  8. spectacular. Those are some of the best photos around of those peaks.
  9. For the record, Saturday night it slept 23 inside plus 3 dogs, and 2 outside in caves. Probably could have gotten 3-5 more inside in a pinch comfortably. The snow was crusty but softened enough for a nice Sunday stroll up the peak and a cruiser ride down on "spring" corn...in January. I almost got sunburned in my tshirt. Sunday night was a quiet evening with just 11 sleeping there.
  10. I am planning a trip to Maiden Peak cabin over the MLK weekend with about 6 others and would like to know if anyone has been there before on MLK. Specifically, I would like to know if it is typically crowded then, and if we should plan on bringing snow camping gear. I am leaning towards no, but don't want to get caught out either. Incidentally, I have hunted around a bit and can't find very good info for the cabin's location. I searched the gps points provided by http://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/willamette/recreation/wintersports/?cid=stelprdb5109521&width=full#maidenpeak http://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/willamette/recreation/wintersports/?cid=stelprdb5109521&width=full#maidenpeak but nothing was visible on GEarth. Can anyone verify these coordinates? I've skiied into it before years ago following the blue diamonds along the PCT from Rosary lakes but am a little fuzzy on the directions.
  11. Cleacn fingers clean fingers clean fingers! I make a point to be anal retentive about getting all the daily grime off my fingers with soap and water before taking them out. I remove them every night regardless, and have had no major issues. a hotel shampoo bottle, emptied out, and refilled with a soap/water mix is a handy, small thing to bring along as a cleaner for the fingers.