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  1. Where are they now??

  2. Where are they now??

    or skiing....same thing
  3. Where are they now??

    Prolly sheep shaggin' baa 8D
  4. Where are they now??

    Where did Billygoat go?!
  5. left my red Osprey 18 liter daypack on the side of the road today, Washington Pass hairpin, after some Fathers Day hot laps. Anyone end up with it?
  6. If you ever want to add some spice to this trip, make it a loop and work your way down and out through the Nooksack cirque
  7. Hwy. 20 Snow Clearing 2012

    Thanks for the update Dan!
  8. karhu 10th Mountain skis?

    $50 sounds like a good deal. I have a pair and used them on the 40km Garbaldi Neve Traverse while carrying a heavy pack. They are a bit of a chore to turn compared to newer shaped, pattern based skis like the Alpina Cross Terrain or the Voile Vector BC (American wood in this board ) of which I have both. I really don't use my 10th mountains any more but they are a great ski, easy to use, and especially fun in Spring corn. You can't go wrong for $50 if there is no horrible, visible damage. Even if they have been mounted before that is no biggy. I ski them all with 3-pins by the way...
  9. Splitboard Rentals in Bellingham!

    Glacier Ski shop is renting them too!
  10. CC.com Turns 11

  11. I'll be up in the parking lot @ C-Creek Sunday night for a Monday Ski. Will prolly do a day trip tomorrow to meet a friend and ski around Whistler. See you there.... Goat
  12. Confirmed Grizzly bear sightening in NOCA

    A bunch of us saw one below J-Berg about 5 years ago, but the Rangers in Marblemount said it was impossible.
  13. North Cascades Hwy 20 Reopening

    Great news, thanks Jeff! What time during the day do the gates usuaully open?
  14. North Cascades Hwy 20 Reopening

  15. N. Cascades Hwy. Snow and More Issues

    Thanks for the update Dan
  16. Crap! Day late and a dollar short. Updates Pls. How was it. Miss you guys....
  17. Book Cover Photo Contest

    Ray Bon Bon would never "ok" that dru Landjaeger and Gu: A lethal mix or recipe for getting past 5.15? My photograph of my son Jed at kid's rope-up, 2005 perhaps, Icicle Creek Washington
  18. goats

  19. Ropeup 2008 Oct 10-12

    look at the reach on that woman!!!! Totally Amazon...Blake you freak! If the Guzzler is readint this, I found your Coors can up below the headwall North of Cutthroat Creek pull out...pop top I'm off to Portugal/Italy/Switzerland/France/Holland muthers...smell ya'lls later Goat
  20. Bad climbing partner stories

    good partner brings
  21. Obscure chestbeat

    There's hope for me yet Way to go Fern