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  1. Wa State Ice Website

    What's up with the WA State Ice Linky?? Wa State Ice
  2. Knee Pain Questions for the Doc

    So, I've got an appointment with a knee specialist tomorrow and I'm not sure what to expect. Last fall I somehow hurt my knee hiking up a steep hill with a moderate sized pack on (~30lbs). Then I was told "give it six weeks and it should be okay". After more than six weeks of rest (I played some golf, yeah golf I know, during that time), I did some snowshoeing and the pain seemed to gradually come back during the day. In the days afterwards it subsided significantly and I thought all was well, but after doing some more steep hill hiking with a pack on recently (4+ months later), it's back with a vengence. I've been running on the eliptical and doing heavy leg workouts the last six weeks (squats, extensions, etc) and didn't have any problems. What I'd like to know are some good questions about what may be going on. My current doc told me that PT was pretty much useless since I'm already in pretty good shape. Some questions I was thinking of: Could it be ....... problem with my knee, doc? If I get a cortizone shot, what else does that affect? If we're talking about surgery, how many horse tranquilizers will it take to put me out until I'm fully healed so I don't remember anything at all? I hate doctors, hospitals make me nervous, I break out in a cold sweat when a needle appears, and I've never had stitches or a broken bone in my life. Thnx :tup:
  3. Tumwater and Icicle Canyons closed

    Giant mudslide across the road.

    Great show guys! Good seeing some of you again too.

    I can still belay 5.15a, so I'm game.
  6. Early season is scary....

    Yeah I read a news article from last year about some idiots doing that.
  7. Alpental Conditions Update

    I'm glad you didn't take me shopping with you.
  8. Joe Puryear...RIP

    Another one gone, doing the thing they loved best. We all should be so lucky. RIP Joe.

    Someone should make pants for this guy and market them. They'd sell like hotcakes south of the Mason Dixon line.
  10. On-line book: Written in the Snows

    That's some wonderful stuff. Just what I needed. Bring on the snow.
  11. Good Riddance

    godfuckingdammit i fucking hate when the only decent comment i have to contribute gets fucking taken before i can fucking cut loose! fucking retard indeed not that i ever met him... Great minds think alike. Where both Norskies, so what can be said about that.
  12. Good Riddance

  13. Good Riddance

    Rahm Emanuel is fucking retarded.
  14. Yay?

    You all might want to be careful what you say. You do realize we're being watched, right?
  15. The Thrill is Gone

    I ain't no victim. But I do appreciate the story and the thoughts. They're lucky I didn't catch'm. I'm a shoot first ask questions later kind of guy. A.O.J.
  16. The Thrill is Gone

    That's what I get for moving to Kent.
  17. R.I.P. Dallas

    Wow, Kloke!?! This is truly a sad day. Condolences all around.
  18. The Thrill is Gone

    I've been out of the game lately too. Been trying to get back in. Was suppose to go out and do some backpacking this weekend, but after having my catalytic converter stolen off my vehicle, just didn't feel like. Hey gene, video games aren't all bad. Just don't start playing shit like World of Warcraft were you end up getting involved in a whole community and crap.
  19. Fred Beckey Stoned

    At 87, simply amazing! Classic Fred. Fred is only 86 and going on 20.
  20. Guitar Players!!!

    All scales are just the same pattern up and down the fretboard. What you should work on is the different Modes. This will allow you to move to different scales depending on the chord changes. At least if you're interested in shredding some bad ass solos. And I'm sure Kevboner knows that John Petrucci is the best guitar player currently alive on this planet. [video:youtube]
  21. republican economics

    Some day in the future, we're all gonna realize that the capitalists are trying to play out Atlas Shrugged. Only that they didn't realize the proletariats weren't gonna take it laying down.
  22. Special Use Fees Increased - Denali and Rainier

    What are they gonna do if I don't pay, arrest me? I'm glad they passed that law where you can carry guns in the NP's.
  23. hey jesus lovers!

    “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” Ghandi
  24. Living in Reno?

    What about Mr. Anderson?