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  1. Me in Yosemite, 1965 FA Smith Rocks, 1995:
  2. Wow! The push to get that time on this monster traverse is just stunning! Hard fukking Core! Respect.
  3. look! An article about Bill Coe!

    I logged on just to say "MEH". This effort, IHOP, is fruitful...
  4. Inyo County Sheriff's Office Such a tragic accident, condolences to family and friends. Erik
  5. Stephanie Subak Accident at Jigsaw Pass

    My prayers will be with you tomorrow afternoon, Lowell.
  6. Climb: Joshua Tree-Hands Off Date of Climb: 12/13/2005 Trip Report: Intrepid Chappists Alpinfox and MisterE set a formidable task for ourselves this day: Climb the sustained crack towering in the distant horizon of our shiver-bivvy, seen to the left and up: Upon awakening at the ungodly hour of 10:30 A.M, we decided after imbibing a few choice beverages, that a seige was out of the question. We would be much better off setting up yet another advanced camp, pictured here in the distance: Exhausted from the approach, we decided some snifters of brandy were in order. Things were getting ugly as we had run out of snuff and scrips by this point. Nonetheless, we pushed on, and after much punishment we reached the base of our visionary line. here, Pax is loading the horrendous amount of gear required (notice how thin he is from the days of wasting work): Pax set out on lead, plugging gear into the crumbling alpine kitty litter with heroic fortitude, and after almostinsurmountable bodily strain, reaches the summit with a desperate flop: I followed, barely able to hang on to my senses, truly impressed with the intestinal integrity it took to lead this horrorshow. Sadly, our summit cache of opiates had been filched by some previous sicko masochists that dared this monster. So, there we were, faced with a vertiginous descent without stimulants, and frightening it was, as I gaped down over the three distant ridges of doom, our basecamp seemed far away indeed: After much arduous traversing we finally reached the warmth of our site, and imbibed heavily in celebration of surviving this epic with all of our digits and wits intact. Gear Notes: portable pharmacy dancing girls red shark lawyers, guns 10 foot pitches make it more memorable Approach Notes: Trail from hell, expect multiple bat encounters, as well as cache-stealing robbers
  7. Trim Carpentry/Interior Finish Job Bellingham

    Exactly 10 years ago, I would have been your huckleberry.
  8. Guidebooks for sale.

    Thinning the library a little. Let me know if anything interests you. I have pictures of the books, as well. Squamish Bouldering, 280p, Bourdon/Tasaka 2003: Like new, $15 Climber's Guide to Skaha, 130p, McLane, 1993: Like new, $10 Rock Climbing Washington, 480p, Smoot, 1999: OK condition, $20 Red River Gorge (2nd Ed.), 370p, Bronaugh, 1998: New, $25 Frenchman's Coulee (2nd ed.), 228p, Ford/Yoder, 2002: New, $15 Sky Valley Rock, 300p, Cramer, 2000: OK condition, $10 Rock Climbs Kelowna, 139p, Urness, 1999: Good condition, $10 Gunks Select, 354p, Williams, 1996: Very good condition, $20 Advanced Rockcraft, 96p, Robbins, 1973: decent condition, $15 Classic Desert Climbs (2nd ed.), 143p, Knapp, 2002: Like new, $15 Rock Climbs of Central Joshua Tree, 148p, Bartlett, 2002: OK condition, $10 Colorado Front Range Bouldering, 175p, Horan, 1989: Good condition, $10 Joshua Tree, 615p, Vogel, 1992: Beat up but complete, $10 Shipping not included - Media is a few bucks. Paypal or money order. Thanks, Erik
  9. Index multi car break-in,

    There's just no getting through to some people...
  10. The I5 Skagit River bridge just collapsed

    This is going to wreak havoc on the State Ferry system in and out of Anancortes, not to mention regular traffic from Mount Vernon, LaConner, and Oak Harbor. The Skagit Flats roads will be jammed. Also, the Mount Vernon to Everett commuters? Better leave early and come home late. Major trucking corridor for US/Canadian goods, additionally. This is going to be a rough 4-5 months. Glad everyone was OK.
  11. 06/06/06

    Women, I read, are scheduling cesarian sections for the day before so they don't have their baby on that day. In other news, Satan worshippers have been planning the event for nine months, and are cued to fill the 6/6/6 birth beds.
  12. The day is finally here! "Sedona Rocks! A Climber's Guide" is finally published and available. Yay! Just got our first shipment of books today! The guide has updated route information on over 550 routes in 24 different areas and is 334 pages. There are over 100 hand-drawn topos + photo topos to aid in negotiating the sprawling area that is the Sedona/Oak Creek climbing region. The book is color cover with traditional black-and-white interior. Thanks to everyone that contributed, your help was invaluable and we hope we did it justice with this. Cost: $35.00 + $4.00 shipping Available Payment Options: Send $39.00 total to... Check: If you would like to send a check and get a copy sent to you (best for us) email us at rocksolidpublishing@gmail.com for the address and we will get a copy out to you. Paypal: "Send Money" to rocksolidpublishing@gmail.com or it is also available on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Sedona-Rocks-Climbers-Guide-Volume/dp/1453727884 The guide-book release party is the weekend of June 30th/July 1st at the Flagstaff Climbing Center (formerly Vertical Relief) on San Francisco Street. Please join us for the official event. Enjoy! Erik and David.
  13. 04.07.12 Accident at Exit 38

    At first blush, it sounds like a rappel malfunction. Maybe she pulled a Yabo and aimed for the tree... Hope she heals up quickly!
  14. compressor route chopped

    This thread isn't official until Dwayner gives the "thumbs-up" for the bolt-chopping.... ...and, Party on Wayne!
  15. Married In Yosemite TR

    My climbing and life partner Skip and I got hitched in the Vally last month. Doug Robinson was our minister. Family, a bunch of friends and a few other legends such as Jim Donini, Peter Haan, Jay "OW" Anderson and John Stannard came to celebrate with us. Just thought I would share the announcement and stuff here, since I have a few friends in the PNW who might be interested. The trip report is here: Wedding Trip Report Off to counseling now! Erik
  16. Joke Thread

    Did you hear the one about the kid that came back from the dentist all excited? He told his parents they could get rid of the toothpaste. "The dentist told me I the only thing I needed to keep my teeth clean was bacon and soda!" ...
  17. Married In Yosemite TR

    Thanks, Guys! That is actually a trash-grabby salute from Yosemite Facelift volunteers. We got married during the clean-up event.
  18. Obvious - Post on Another Forum

    Some people just never get over their psychosis.
  19. Obvious - Post on Another Forum

    Yep, the thread started by "Guests" railing against Jon is gone. I called him out on it (my post got deleted as well), and he gets on my wedding thread and posts this: LOL! Love that they have a Dan filter over there, too. OOOO! "50+ posts over 15 years"! OMG, that's like THREE a year! How obsessive of me! What a tool. My new wife had a sense of humor about it, though - here's what she wrote in response to him:
  20. Massive development in the middle of Red Rocks!!

    This is going to suck: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2011/aug/17/protesters-lining-criticize-jim-rhodes-planned-dev/
  21. CC.com Dance Party!

  22. Favorite TR Contest - Final Voting

    Just got the word from Mikey - thanks, everyone! An oldy but a goody.
  23. The Gambler is missing

    Thanks, Lance. It's somehow feels like the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. So much concern, for so many years this one really pulls on some old worries. Thanks, Erik
  24. Bellingham

    How come it is always sunny in that video? Makes me suspicious right off. Man, I do miss the Boundary Bay IPA, though...
  25. Yes, I got my hands on #63 of 200, and am starting the process of setting it up through our print-on-demand CreateSpace account. We already have it set up for the new Sedona AZ guide so, while I am whiling away the time, started this: Honestly, I don't even know if anyone cares, but I never thought 200 editions was enough. It is also bringing back a flood of good memories with great people as well. As I stated elsewhere about the UW Wall: I never actually saw a copy of the Smoot guide, though I know it exists.