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  1. Men

    I will crawl back into my shell after this post..... turtle pose
  2. I have the day off and would like to get out on the rock. Some sport climbing would be fine with me. If your looking for a partner let me know. I live close to Erie and could go just about anytime tomorrow... Weather is looking good.
  3. Erie Thursday 5/17/07 anyone?

    Scott..... done deal... I'll keep ya posted.
  4. Erie Thursday 5/17/07 anyone?

    Gotta work this weekend... suck.
  5. FS - CA's and Rigid Friends

    rigid friends.... What sizes... please pm me or whatever and if the are fingers and above I will be a player.
  6. Erie Thursday 5/17/07 anyone?

    My cell is 360xxxxxxx320xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4021 if anyone has the time.

    Now this is using your head when riding to work.... check this out... lucky lucky.. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/05/15/mangled.helmet.ap/index.html
  8. Puget sound power

    I was thinking how much fun it would be to go through one of those while I'm Scuba Diving under the Deception Pass bridge. This is one of the proposed sites. Might get interesting. It would suck if it ruined that site for diving.
  9. Tick Attack

    This shit is funny... either I'm the luckiest fuc#er on the planet or just lucky.... I have lived in this state all my life and have climbed/hiked and been just about everwhere I can think of and never had a tick on my ball sack or other. I don't shave much and have 8 hairs on my chest.... I never thought that would be something I'd be proud of .. These little fuc$ers do really suck though. I feel for the very hairy of our group.....
  10. La Sportiva Makalus, Blisters, and "Breaking In"

    one piece of duct tape over each spot before you hike... should be golden.... or you can use those fancy bandaid/blistery things... Before... not after.
  11. fake climbing

    if i could i wood............ .... gotta love seattle bands...
  12. G12's or Sabretooth

    vw4ever............ shit........ you also.
  13. G12's or Sabretooth

    Roger is a gear whore and I love him for it.... Get to bust his ass when ever we get together since all his shit is new.... Just joking Roger!... Both oly and roger have a point... nice poons.
  14. Weather is supposed to be good this Sunday. Give me a call if your interested. Nothing to hard. Powerline wall or whatever. Have rope. I'm 20 minutes from Erie so I might be game even if you give me a shout on Sunday Morning. Number is 360$320%4021. Thanx, Gordon
  15. Mount Erie this Sunday anyone? 04/29/2007

    bump it............... damn.. Lets do some sport/trad or whatever. If trad... you bring the rack. Come on fellow climbers..... Lets get out on the rock................................. please.
  16. Mount Erie: Orange Wall??

    If the weather holds tomorrow...... Is anyone interested in gettting out?...
  17. First climbs in the Cascades?

    Sahale gets my vote.... of course later in the season... Late june or july should work. Everyone has has great ideas... go for it.
  18. MLU's mandatory on Hood!

    Your from Oregon are fuc_)ed... This is silly shi* when you consider the posts made before about dipshits in small boats and such who require a rescue much more than us. I promise not to spend money in Oregon this year... Promise... I will spend it in the better state to the north that has no such silly bullshi%..... Keeping it PG incase the MLU nazi's are reading.... ps.. fuck you mlu nazi's.
  19. El Nino weakening

    Alpine start in a boat..... Interesting
  20. Erie Tomorrow (SAT)

    loooking forward to it....... meet ya there and lets have a kick ss time. The weather looks great and if it isn't.... well... everyone I've meet so far on this board has been kick ass and lots of fun. What are you planning?.. ZigZag or something else... Looking forward to tomorrow.
  21. The weather is looking like it will hold. I have wednesday off and wouldn't mind getting out one the rock. If your interested please pm me tonight or tomorrow. I live not far and can make it happen. Thinking sport routes... have rope and such. Need partner though. If your badass... I will have a great time watching you crank it. Best, Whidbey.
  22. I'm a dipshit... Tuesday is open... all day... Wednesday is only open in the morning.
  23. thanks

    Funny shit happened to me years ago... I'm a scuba diver also and mentioned that I had been to a depth of 160... I was full of shit and had been well below 200 many times.. got my ass axed for being a stupid person and my insurance was denied.... I say lie like a rug and go forth and do those bitchin climbs.... sucks to tell most of the truth.
  24. A few pics of Hood from today.

    Chad, Sent PM... Thanx when you get a chance to send them. Best, Gordon
  25. A few pics of Hood from today.

    ps..... What's up with the pictures from Baker this past summer... Biotch.... Give em up dude. ps.. really would be nice to see what you took and said you would send... and didn't