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  1. Great show guys! Good seeing some of you again too.
  2. Yeah I read a news article from last year about some idiots doing that.
  3. I'm glad you didn't take me shopping with you.
  4. Another one gone, doing the thing they loved best. We all should be so lucky. RIP Joe.
  5. Someone should make pants for this guy and market them. They'd sell like hotcakes south of the Mason Dixon line.
  6. That's some wonderful stuff. Just what I needed. Bring on the snow.
  7. godfuckingdammit i fucking hate when the only decent comment i have to contribute gets fucking taken before i can fucking cut loose! fucking retard indeed not that i ever met him... Great minds think alike. Where both Norskies, so what can be said about that.
  8. Rahm Emanuel is fucking retarded.
  9. Weekend_Climberz


    You all might want to be careful what you say. You do realize we're being watched, right?
  10. I ain't no victim. But I do appreciate the story and the thoughts. They're lucky I didn't catch'm. I'm a shoot first ask questions later kind of guy. A.O.J.
  11. That's what I get for moving to Kent.
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