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  1. Spontaneity topo? Looked around, but couldn't find one.
  2. Well done, JP and gang! Your list for '13 has just started!
  3. Paul and I guided the mountain a lot the year after your climb; he was quite nonchalant about ridge, but when digging he'd explain how tough it really was. He spoke highly of you Matt, and it was easy to tell he was excited about the accomplishment. Lots of history in your post; thank you for reminiscing w/us!
  4. Do you have a pic that shows the 'regular' Mazama Glacier route...and the 'headwall?' I'm a bit confused where the headwall term comes from. Well done!
  5. You can use these as traditional SMC stakes, driving them in from the top, or girth hitch a loop through/around one of the middle holes, and use'em as a deadman. This is pretty much what RJ said. Cheap, effective, and it'll hold in high winds. Other lightweight options include nysil stuff bags (med size; use for the main pull-outs). In super high winds, I like to take a couple of extra pickets per tent. I prefer a trucker's hitch/knot to tighten them down. http://www.rei.com/product/358111/smc-sno-tent-stake
  6. Been thinking to get the women's Lighting...as long as it'll fit my size 11's...for spring and early summer breakable crust stuff. They're reasonably light and have seen them climb well. Anyone ever use them for that?
  7. Sobo = an illusion/troll buster. Keep up the good work!
  8. So, G2G, if snowmobiles don't use sno-parks for non-motorized use, they don't have to pay the grooming permit fee? That's how I would read what you quoted; am I correct? Please also clarify, do snowmobiles pay an equivalent amount that non-motorized users pay? Based on what I'm hearing, is that non-motorized users pay $40 and snowmobile users pay either $30 or $12 (vintage). Is this correct? And for all non-motorized users...if they use groomed areas, they pay an additional $40, over and above the seasonal sno-park fee. Correct? I would agree...there are more snowmobile users than non-motorized users. I guess I can see them paying less, well sort of. It doesn't make sense that 'vintage' machines pay less. They likely spew out more fumes and pollute the forest way more than new machines. The same would likely go for vintage cars, however, they for the most part operate in the city...where the expectation of clean fresh air seems to be lower. Your argument that non-motorized users 'get more for their permit dollar,' because non-motorized users can use both non-motorized and motorized groomed areas is true, but I know many non-motorized users who refuse to use the motorized trails due to the air pollution caused by sled traffic. Even today, on a low usage day for all users, pollution settled into the forest into a dense fog. I tried skating through it just a few hours ago, but realized I didn't want to consume that bad air and become ill--so I turned back. So much for getting more for my permit dollar; my choice, I guess. This has been an interesting thread. I hope users from both sides of the issue will contribute their knowledge and opinions on the topic to illuminate the relative issues and concerns. TNC
  9. Very nice, very nice! Thanks for sharing! What an awesome backdrop!
  10. The G12 and S95 are nice...and the upgraded S100 has a rubber grip...making quick shots w/gloves/mittens a bit more reliable and quicker. The S95 is less expensive right now as long as they can be found. Ken Rockwell's site has a good review and comparison of the choices: http://www.kenrockwell.com/canon/s100.htm
  11. One thing about polarized lenses; they can obscure the lens on some watches (i.e., Polar HR monitors). Had to get rid of a pair of polarized glasses when I couldn't even see the time (or my HR) when wearing them. Guess it depends on the plastic/glass used in the watch--and how it's aligned in comparison to your glasses. Imagine it could be a problem with some other electronics as well. Who would have thought?
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