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  1. Anyone been up to Wapiti/Coe falls area on the North side of Hood?
  2. Anyone been to Banks the last few days?
  3. The Serac that looked under cut was cross lighting on a bump of snow in front of the block. Going back next year earlier with skis and a longer lens for my camera.
  4. Trip: Mount Adams - Adams Glacier Trip Date: 06/11/2019 Trip Report: Went for a night out to the Adams Glacier for a go at things. Just wanted to share a few notes. The road between Divide Camp TH and Killen Creek TH is nearly melted out and has one rutted snow patch passable with a decent clearance ride. There's still decent snow cover for most of the second half of the approach to High Camp. From the base of of the Adams Glacier we noticed a disconnected block above the left traverse exit out the top of the route. As the sun rose we saw light shinning through the sides and underneath the block. So we opted for climbing ice in some crevasses instead. There was a decent amount of ice fall and rockfall activity while we hung out on the glacier yesterday until about 1300hrs. If anyone heads out here over the next year for the Adams glacier any notes on the block above the left exit traverse would be appreciated. Gear Notes: Pickets, ice tools and screws, rope, harness, no snow flotation devices, suncreen, hot tub. Approach Notes: Walk trail to snow and then find your way.
  5. @ivan, when did you snowmobile it? Second that, Cooper is awesome, considering doing it again.
  6. we could all just stop the judgement yeah? Marc had the fire back in 2009 when we attempted Slesse’s Nav Wall. Incidents happen has this thread notes in every activity. But, tie in as an emotional being and concern and care rises no matter the incident or result of the incident. Not sure why I decided look at CC.com but I did. Oh well. But here is a photo of Marc in front of Slesse 2009 with a few words I put as an overlay.
  7. I'm going next month, I'll post pictures here of things. I heard it snowed or something.
  8. I just started this page over in the land of FB: https://www.facebook.com/GorgeIceClimbers [
  9. Thanks for checking it out! FYI, apparently I need a larger network of partners to hopefully end up with a partner when it's time to go.... All my trips this last season were solo. There's only a few more bite size objectives I can tackle alone. So if anyone is interested in joining any of the future objectives PM me.
  10. Just want to share a couple links for a Project I'm working on that just wrapped up it's first successful season of shooting. CIGP Facebook Page Athabasca Glacier GigaPixel Next season I'll have some good TRs to post. Thanks for checking.
  11. Anyone know if the trail up to the Cooper Spur/Tilly Jane Cabins is decently snow covered now...?
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