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  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting!
  2. Nice! Sorry I missed this one!
  3. Thanks for posting! A nice tick!
  4. Extreeeme snowshoeing! My area of expertise!
  5. [TR] Kulshan - Boulder 05/16/2021

    Great photos as usual! I always enjoy the Boulder!
  6. Wow! Cool trip. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Nice work sticking with it through the whiteout! There wasn't a register when we were up there in '05.
  8. [TR] Guye Peak - South Rib 05/25/2021

    Looks like a character building experience! Thanks for posting.
  9. Awesome! Thanks for the report... I've had this one on the list for a while!
  10. Awesome! Thanks for posting!
  11. Thanks for the great trip J! Jason belaying on Wolf"s Head JP on the crux on Pingora: A lot of clean granite out there!
  12. [TR] WELKER! - Whacky Wallow 01/18/2021

    HA! Sorry i missed this one.... but already 'ben up there. Dallas recommended!
  13. Thanks for the great company.... and putting in the track! Awesome pics as usual, J!
  14. [TR] Mount Baring - Standard 12/05/2020

    Cool! Snowshoes....? @ Cfire: Finally a climb that meets your aesthetic demands!