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  1. Thanks for TR! Yours are always a good and interesting read.
  2. Wow: Talk about glacial recession! At least the crampons didn't get a free ride!
  3. Looks awesome! Thanks for posting and the great beta.
  4. Once again, a great trip and some awesome shots, J! Thanks for putting it all together!
  5. Smoot'n! Gotta love it! (Or not). Thanks again for the trip planning and whiskey Jason!
  6. [TR] Alaska - West Ridge of Mt. Hunter (Begguya) 06/07/2019

    Exceptional effort! Nice teamwork pulling it together on that descent!
  7. Wow! Your itinerary would take me a week to accomplish!
  8. Awesome trip and photos! I will have to hire JGAP LLC for next year!* *Paid endorsement
  9. Professional quality pictures as usual Jason! Way to keep us entertained!
  10. Thanks for the great TR; sorry the trip did not end on a good note.