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  1. Old guys rock! (If they have taken their meds!) Awesome pics as usual... you need to open a studio!
  2. Wow! Nice tick! That rock looks really good. Training for S. Hozo?
  3. What is the guide book that you mention in you TR? Thanks for the inspiration!
  4. Thanks for the excellent TR and Beta! Cant wait for the next adventure!
  5. Awesome! Thanks for all the time and effort.
  6. Seano! Cool trip... but it would take me at least two days for it!
  7. Awesome! Thanks for posting!
  8. Nice! Looking forward to the next adventure installment!
  9. [TR] West Fury - Mongo Ridge 07/05/2021

    Awesome! Thanks for posting!
  10. Nice! Way to keep after it. The Pickets do reward those willing to suffer.
  11. Awesome! Thanks for posting!
  12. Nice! Sorry I missed this one!
  13. Thanks for posting! A nice tick!
  14. Extreeeme snowshoeing! My area of expertise!