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  1. Great ghastly grunge, gents! A true J-Berg classic! You guys certainly posses the masochistic munge mojo. But seriously, all I can say is "Wow"! Just looking at that line makes be a bit nauseated. And a great name for it as well!
  2. If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever!
  3. Super cool! There is still hope for us old guys!
  4. [TR] Mt Stuart - West Ridge 08/20/2022

    Nice pics! Climbed this with my wife about ten years ago; barely avoided an epic. Planned on a summit bivy, topped out right at sunset, Thanksfor posting!
  5. Wow! An amazing effort to climb in a style that respects the mountain and yourself. I guess all those winter ascents in Washington paid off! The state of Himalayan mountaineering is certainly depressing with all of the commercialization and associated trash left on the peaks.
  6. Very understated! Thanks for posting; its always good to hear about your adventures!
  7. [TR] Cruiser - Standard 08/05/2022

    Neat area. Thanks for the TR.
  8. Super cool! Looks to be pretty classic climbing!
  9. Super cool! That granite looks pretty sweet!
  10. Epic! Thanks for posting, Glad everything turned out safely.
  11. Awesome! Looks like an adventure!
  12. Super cool! Looks like you guys got it in good condition; no rocks to scratch up!