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  1. If you have been a member in the past or you want to join the Carver Climbing Club, you must fill out a new waiver and take it to either Climb Max or the PRG so you can get a new membership card. There are also updated rules about climbing at Carver, so please take the time to read and understand them. Thanks. Carver Climbing Club If you are looking for info about the bouldering at Carver, then please check out my blog Carver Bouldering Blog
  2. Carver Bridge Cliff Access

    The landowner has become very unhappy with climbers recently and is very seriously considering closing the area to climbing. He plans to make that decision mid-September. If you are a member of the Carver Climbing Club you should contact the club to find out what steps are being taken to keep access open. You can email them at info@carverclimbingclub.org A complete list of the rules is available in this blog post: Carver Bouldering Blog The one rule that may have just changed last week is that the Carver Club is asking that no dogs be taken out to Carver.
  3. Long scramble route?

    You must be 18 years old to climb at Carver and have signed the waiver available at the Portland Rock Gym (currently not allowing any new sign-ups). Access there is threatened. The landowner is going to make a decision mid-September.
  4. Climbing related websites

    Follow the blog for more info: Carver Bouldering Blog
  5. Climbing related websites

    Just a quick note about Carver: - It is private property, you must sign a waiver at either the PRG or the Circuit - Be extra respectful to the restaurant patrons and the Twilighters - Clean-up any trash you find in the woods - Pick-up after your dog - Stay on the trails And if an older guy asks to see your ID, he is the landowner. Be extra cool and thank him for letting us climb out there.
  6. Carver Bouldering Blog

    yep. very fond and frustrating times with that #1 camalot. Maybe that's what drove me to bouldering.
  7. Carver Bouldering Blog

    Yes it is. I hope you are doing well and one day life will slow down enough for us to climb together sometime.
  8. Carver Bouldering Blog

    When you don't have time to make it to the mountains and your harness has given you a rash, remember that there are over 300 boulder problems (mostly clean) waiting to be climbed at the Carver Bridge Cliff. Carver Bouldering Blog
  9. Climbing related websites

    Blog about Bouldering at the Carver Bridge Cliff near Portland, OR. http://carverbouldering.blogspot.com