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  1. Come to Vantage We'll be there until Monday. Blue 4runner with BC plates. Squamish is very wet. It's been raining here for a few days.
  2. I think my climbing partner is going to be dealing with a family emergency instead of doing our wicked awesome trip this year. Anyone up for some alpine? BC to California?
  3. I think I just lost my climbing partner for that week and have the 21st to the 30thish free. Any chance you could get away earlier?
  4. u all suck. except bstach... well he sucks a bit too cuz he can't climb with me either. bah. rat farts. hrumph.
  5. Size 13 but fit more like a 12. In excellent condition with about 4 miles on them. Will trade for size 12 - 12.5 alpine touring ski boots too. Insoles measure 31cm (12.2 inches). $265 shipped anywhere in the US or Canada. Or pick them up for $250. Same as these only orange instead of red: http://shop.themountainfactor.com/product.php?xProd=881
  6. I can leave Friday afternoon but need to be back Saturday night (or early Sunday morning). Just drove back from Wyoming so would rather not do a long drive. Baker to Whistler area? South Twin? Anyone? Not crazy about climbing anything too technical with someone I don't know unless ur reputation precedes you.
  7. I'm just back from a week i the Tetons so yeah... I'd say I sent it out with a bang. Awesome trip. Thank god for it too because if I had to head into another winter after the total crap weather we've had here all summer I think I'd just kill myself. Climbed Nez Perce, forget the route... mostly Class 3/4 with a bit of low 5th as a warm up. Then Buckingham Ridge on Middle Teton and closed it out with Upper Exum (shoulda done Direct.... but we were worried about time... ended up taking about 2.5 hours to do the Upper so we were kinda kicking ourselves) on the Grand. Looking for something to do Saturday.... anyone? All my wanker friends are going to dumb weddings and crap.
  8. I've always had loads of goats hanging around with me in the Enchantments. There was a very friendly one up at Liberty Bell last time I was up there too.
  9. Thank you to the guy who tore down my anchor and left my gear for me at the Squamish Adventure Center. Much appreciated! My son got hit by a falling rock and was bleeding like a stuck pig (moral of this story... don't let your kids take off their helmets when they're not climbing) so I beat a hasty retreat to the Squamish ER. He's fine... heads and hands just bleed a lot. He was very disappointed that he didn't get a more impressive bandage job.
  10. shitty... went to one of his presentations last year and exchanged a few emails. Gotta be impressed by the balls and athleticism but i could never reconcile it with his responsibilities as a father for reasons that are all to obvious now. Very sad.
  11. My climbing partners aready think I'm weird for carrying rocks out. This might be good for a laugh Will see what I can do! I'll put the rocks in their packs to make room for the poo in mine.
  12. Beautiful colors in your pics... thx much for the S Twin turnoff shot. I can use that in a couple of weeks. That bike ride down is SO much fun!!!
  13. It's really great when people candidly share experiences like this and even better when everyone else is supportive so thank you everyone. I can understand why people hush accidents up but it is such valuable information when shared and discussed constructively. Glad to hear that everyone is all right. Got my heart pounding just reading it. Think I'll go climb bolts today! *pucker*
  14. Worse again today and now it's all over me. This news did score me a prescription for oral prednisone though so hopefully that'll help. Too gross to post pics of now. I washed everything... cleaning a 60m rope with a little brush is good fun. And red webbing runs so now I have red webbing and pink runners. I'm wearing a hazmat suit next time I go out. Hope everyone else is doing something awesome this weekend. Happy Canada Day to the Canucks and Happy 4th of July to the 'Mericans.
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