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  1. Thanks for TR! Yours are always a good and interesting read.
  2. Wow: Talk about glacial recession! At least the crampons didn't get a free ride!
  3. Looks awesome! Thanks for posting and the great beta.
  4. Once again, a great trip and some awesome shots, J! Thanks for putting it all together!
  5. Smoot'n! Gotta love it! (Or not). Thanks again for the trip planning and whiskey Jason!
  6. [TR] Alaska - West Ridge of Mt. Hunter (Begguya) 06/07/2019

    Exceptional effort! Nice teamwork pulling it together on that descent!
  7. Wow! Your itinerary would take me a week to accomplish!
  8. Awesome trip and photos! I will have to hire JGAP LLC for next year!* *Paid endorsement
  9. Professional quality pictures as usual Jason! Way to keep us entertained!
  10. Thanks for the great TR; sorry the trip did not end on a good note.
  11. Nice shots, J! I really like the one with the lake that shows the reflection of the peak! Where do I purchase?! I do have some good memories of this route. The raps off the S Face are certainly better than that nasty W Gully. (Yuk) The great gash (the feature, not the climber!):
  12. Awesome! Thanks for the new route, will have to give it a go!
  13. Another awesome trip (with the possible exception of Speedy (the VW van) getting pissed at the long border wait and threatening to break down)! Give my thanks to all the folks at JGAPLLC! And I need a copy of the soon to be published photo book!
  14. Wow! Sounds like one to remember! Glad it turned out well.
  15. Nice work! Did you consider the snow couloir up to the bivy? If it is in, it does make for a nice alternative to the 5th class rock.
  16. Nice! Looks like you hit the conditions well; glacier passable and rock not too iced up!
  17. Great photos! Climbed the Blum trail twice in a month last year. It is a motivational test!
  18. Wow! Thanks for posting! Like the burros; I need one of those.
  19. Cool! Traverse sounds pretty hairy; is there an less threatened way to access the climb?
  20. Nice! Great pictures as usual! Sorry I missed the suffering on this one!