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Name My Dog


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Well, thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. I especially liked "Shithead" - that movie's great. There were some really good ideas that almost hit the mark but in the end, only one really felt right.


So ladies & gentlemen (and I use the terms loosly), let me introduce you all to Sahale:



If you see us on the trail, don't hesitate to stop and say hello! wave.gif



Later... bigdrink.gifbigdrink.gifbigdrink.gif

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How 'bout Jesus?

I met a dog named Jesus in New Mexico.


It might offend the the right wingers (even though there are plenty of Jesuses (Jesai? People named Jesus?) walking around today.


Or you could pronounce it the Spanish way... "Hay-Zeus"


Then you could say:

Jesus shat on my carpet.


Jesus puked in my car.


Jesus ate my homework.


Jesus likes it when I put beer in his bowl


Just a suggestion.

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I know a Siberian husky mix named Luna, although I don't think she was named after the peak (owner is a non-climber). Good name though.

Oops. Too late. Sahale works just fine, she's a cutie. Are you teaching her to climb ice? I've heard of dogs doing mid 5th class rock routes.





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