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  1. Have you ever taken a stats class? If you had (I've taken two including advanced and aced em) you'd know you can prove almost anything with stats- true or false.
  2. What I get out of this argument is that if law abiding citizens are allowed to own guns, criminals are less likely to attempt to violate their rights (break into their home, assault them, ect.) And law abiding citizens would (presumably) only utilize their weapons in self-defense scenarios (defending their homes- which is justified in Washington state- see the castle doctrine)- thereby eliminating the criminal aspect of using a gun.
  3. What did I do to you Atreides? I'm seriously asking.
  4. Oh ya I agree. You wouldn't even know it's him...
  5. Youre right Rumr. It might not have been me... I may have been trolled. But I talked to Dane and I actually know that I wasn't trolled. He was talking about me....
  6. I know RuMr. but you guys made this slightly a bigger deal than it had to be..
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