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  1. WTB snowshoes+avalanche beacon

    If the OP isn't still looking, then I would be interested in a beacon depending on the product and price. I also have a beacon for sale.
  2. FS: Integral Designs- Unishlter Bivy- Pieps Beacon

    Bump- Bivy at $150.... Come on people!
  3. Looking to move back to squamish this summer, but money is tight soooooo..... Integral Designs- Unishlter Bivy $200 obo -Dark Green -In great condition -Minus Bivy Hoop (cant find it anywhere) -It's been sitting in my closet forever -Don't know how long it is, but my BF is 6'2" and he fits in it fine. Also Have a Pieps 457 Opti-finder Beacon. Make me a decent offer. -Has waterproof case, instructions and strap. Can meet anywhere in the lowermainland/Squamish/Whislter. Otherwise you pay shipping. I'll throw in an emergency poncho and some waterproof fire sticks, just because I'm that nice Cheers!
  4. WTB: Quickdraws

    Hey CC Peeps, I need more quickdraws but I can't afford to buy them brand new ATM, seeing as I am a student, and broke as hell. But gear is worth starving PM me If you would like to sell some. Thanks! Cheers
  5. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    My Kitty Hefeweizen (aka-Heffy) that I adopted when I lived in Squamish. She sits on command, opens doors by herself, and goes to the bathroom on the grown-up potty! I couldn't have asked for a sweeter cat!
  6. 'Gay Conservatives???!!!'

    You sound grumpy.
  7. WOO HOO!

    LOL! I have sick skillz.
  8. WOO HOO!

    19 Biatches!!! What should I do first?
  9. [TR] Yak Peak - Yak Check 7/10/2010

    fun stuff!
  10. Squamish Mountain Festival Crowds?

    OH yeah! It will be crazy busy here! But you should still come to meet some great people, and do some sick climbing. And maybe even check out the festival? Now that it's summer, it's always super busy here! You just have to wake up at about 7 and you have the crags to yourself until around 11, then you have to share
  11. Ahhhh! Seriously!?!

    He looks like a gay, 16yr old, hippie giraffe, who needs a haircut..... ...
  12. Ahhhh! Seriously!?!

    I must not be a girl, because I hate F**kin Twilight....
  13. Ahhhh! Seriously!?!