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  1. As for recent break-ins, two vehicles had windows smashed in the main lot last Saturday and one had gear stolen from it. Parking at the Bush House or campground area seems to be the better bet. Regarding new routes, there is a new downloadable guidebook for Index on rakkup.com and info regarding current cleanings, etc, gets regularly posted on the Climb Index Facebook page here: Climb Index!
  2. Anyone work out at the Island Rock Gym who could use a training partner? I've never been much of a gym rat but am tempted to give it a shot this winter now that there's a facility on this side of the water again.
  3. Anyone interested in an afternoon session at Index this Sunday? The earliest I can get there is 11:45am but we could still wear ourselves out with plenty of laps by quittin' time. I have gear, rope, leading into the .10's. Thanks! Sherri
  4. Thanks, Rad. Nothing comes easy out there but I can't think of a better place to work through the grades.
  5. Looking to take advantage of the dry day in the forecast this week and get in some laps while the getting is good. I have rack, rope and can lead into the .10's trad, a few .11's sport. Sherri
  6. If forecast doesn't deteriorate, I'd be up for cragging in Leavenworth on Sunday.
  7. Love it! Thanks for sharing this. Ok to post a linky on my FB page for it?
  8. I am looking for a cragging partner for Index on Monday and possibly Tuesday, if you are interested? (Could do one of the days in Leavenworth.) I lead into the .10's trad and a few easy .11's sport. Have rope, rack and ride. I am also available for cragging on that Friday and Saturday, 13th and 14th.
  9. I could be available on the 13th. What is your background? Objectives?
  10. Welcome back! If you decide to climb at Index on Monday, give me a shout if you need a partner. And bring my nut tool.
  11. Anyone up for some fun out there on Labor Day? Looking for a safe, easy going partner. I have gear/rope etc and can lead into the .10's trad, easy .11's sport. EDIT: partner found!
  12. Thanks, Curt, but nothing is showing up in my PM box? I've got a partner for Sunday now but would gladly stick around for Monday if weather holds, in case anyone is interested in that day?
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