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  1. Roto wall has a bunch of short 5 easy climbs and has some shade. 50' from the car.
  2. There si a super fun and casual, yet stunningly beautiful loop in the Sawtooths climbing Star, Courtney, Reynolds, Oval, etc. No permits required unless you enter the Ross Lake Rec area. http://www.lemkeclimbs.com/lake-chelan-sawtooth-wilderness.html
  3. These guys and gals are great. https://www.ncmountainguides.com/
  4. I just looked up the coordinates on Google Earth. That's the right slide path. I posted this link to his account- hopefully he'll be in touch with you directly.
  5. There was a local guy from Mazama who got caught in a slide this past winter in that zone and lost a ski. I wager it's his. I'll post to his facebook.
  6. Silvertstar will be your best choice in marginal weather since it is so far east of the crest. I would expect a lot of bare glacier ice at this time of year- it's usually a pretty benign route but could be spicy this late. Go over Burgundy Col not via Silverstar creek. All your objectives seem worthy and doable at this time of year- just keep an eye on the WX and go east if you need to.
  7. For sure not if you go in Silverstar Creek, which is probably the best access for the route versus over Burgandy col. As long as you don;t get sucked into the slide alder.
  8. And before anyone asks these are not the ones stolen recently- I live in Mazama far from Seattle. Have 3 rare out of print guidebooks I will likely never use again and would like to see them find a new home: Sky Valley Rock by Daryl Cramer. Book is in usual guidebook shape but still very serviceable, pages 77-102 have pulled from binding $75. Selected Alpine Climbs in the Canadian Rockies by Sean Dougherty, excellent shape with a few bent page corners $45 and Alpine Select Climbs in SW BC and WA by Kevin McLane- in essentially new condition- Amazon lists this at $780+- but I would be willing to entertain offers. PM me if interested.
  9. Snowed at the Pass this AM. Maybe this link will work? Looking up Willow Creek Drainage https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154111137136029&set=pcb.988164814582425&type=1&theater
  10. Just a head's up folks that there have been a series of smash and grab thefts from the Cedar Creek TH all the way out to Easy Pass this spring- the latest at the Blue Lake TH yesterday (they actually started last year). From what I have heard the majority have occurred while the occupants were away for the day. I'd suggest minimizing the amount of gear and other items (electronics, etc.) you leave in your vehicle.
  11. Lots in at WA Pass- including several of the Cutthroat slide paths. Here's Rainy lake ice from this weekend. Why snowmobile 30 miles when you can walk 30 mins from the car. Go get it.
  12. He's still writing. You can find more hilarity here: http://www.twisptedreality.com/
  13. I've owned a number of primaloft jackets and have had great success with them- one from OR lasted 5 seasons before I felt like it had lost insulation qualities.
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