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  1. Your comments speak loudly of your personal character. It fucking sucks. You fucking suck.
  2. Are you fucking serious? Dean was an incredible person. One of the nicest guys I have ever known. He opened his home to me and was always a joy to be around. No one is perfect but I would have to say dean was a better person than your sorry ass will ever be. See you in hell chirp.
  3. I would have watched whatever show you could have been on Mikey. Probably would have enjoyed that more than whatever is on the TV these days... till you got voted off for not being a big enough drama monkey. Do you all really enjoy every part of your jobs? Does it make you a sell out because you still work there and get paid? I think plaidman should go on the show...
  4. "Many climbers today consider themselves bigwall climbers and advertise themselves in the media as such but are merely rappelling El Capitan and top-roping pitches turning the routes into high level, choreographed gymnastic routines. This is not Bigwall climbing!" -Brian McCray
  5. Counting and SPRAYING... fucking soaking everyone!!!
  6. Silvo and Janez raged that Bhagirathi III face with only 3 bolts. Also they did it really fast compared to the russians and with no fixed lines.
  7. I doubt Chris would have said that was an A5 pitch! He is a humble and very cool guy! Keep it up Marc! You are doing some cool looking stuff.
  8. Seriously, an average climber should be capable of climbing the Nose!
  9. I test using all the methods: bounce testing, daisy testing, fuckness testing, hand jerk testing... just depends on piece. I never recommend daisy chain falls... sorry if thats how I made it sound. Daisy chain falls are pure evil! What I was talking about is kinda off topic, but anyways... What I was referring to was, say you are on a pitch that has bodyweight gear. You have a piece in that you've tested and are standing on, you go to make the next placement and get it going. I clip my daisy into that lots of times (I clip it tight with fifi or biner). Because the piece you are standing on could fail and you are left hanging off the untested piece you were working on. It is likely that it will hold and save you from taking a whipper. I always try and avoid falling because I'm just weird like that.
  10. Um... daisy chains are meant to save your ass from taking big whippers too. Not a big deal on easy aid, but on hard aid when stuff fails you will be glad that daisy was attached to the next piece you are working on...
  11. Don't forget the beer! Rope bags help clusterfuck. A good little trick to stacking it in the bag is, clip a biner above the bag and then feed it downwards into the bag. Or throw the rope over your shoulder and feed it that way. Way better than coiling it and shoving it in the bag. Though I still do that sometimes if I'm being retarded.
  12. God, the whole death thing is a part of aid climbing... Yelling you're going to die back and forth with aid climbers is something people have been doing for years! I've lost count of how many people told me I was going to die up there or that they better not have to scape my bloody carcass out of the talus. Guess what... it's all in fun!
  13. Hopefully summitchaser will continue sucking at aid climbing and full fill my dream of someone dying on A5... please wear your helmet cam so we can see the slab splatter fest! Wait, it will have to be an A3..
  14. Ha, Eric used to make fun of me! Almost went and worked with him in Truckee doing ski grooming 5 years ago. I always got made fun of on climbing sites... never really cared that much. I was just some teenager posting a bunch of stupid stuff! I'd like to think I listened to better music that summitchaser though!
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