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  1. ALPINFOX'S BERF DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#

    Pax didn't pay me this month to be his friend. Until I get the check, I'm out.
  2. Shuksan/Baker/Ed Dorado Conditions for Late May

    Its 5.8, not 5.5, but if you get a chance, Daryn's route - the Northwest Areyete on Shuksan, looks very worthwhile.
  3. You couldn't keep up.
  4. Anyone know where to get Sky Valley Rock?

    Check Feathered Friends, Second Ascent, and Marmot in Bellevue.
  5. [TR] Wyoming Montana - 4/19/2009

    That girl your climbing with is pretty but she sure has a manly looking hand. Looks like a fun late season trip.
  6. Dammit! I just moved to Colorado...

    Hi. I just moved to Iowa and apparently there's no mountains here. WTF!?
  7. [TR] Wyoming Montana - 4/19/2009

    Do you really have tats on your fingers? That is so core!
  8. I doubt they had any ropes on anything harder than 5.8. If you can't climb 11worth 5.9 than that is your problem.
  9. Dammit! I just moved to Colorado...

    You're an idiot. Why would you move halfway across the country without checking it out first?

    "The researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine say overweight people cause excess greenhouse gas emissions because they eat more than thin people and are more likely to travel by car." You could say the same thing about alpinists.
  11. This is the way it was and the way it shall always be.
  12. Dumbass Climbers?

    awesome! a never ending artesian well of chestbeat! Wow. Hikers are so insecure.
  13. Captain escaped- Navy Seals shot pirates

    So those lame pledge drives I've been putting up with for years are just red herrings? Dammit!
  14. Dumbass Climbers?

    Perhaps its because you and KK leave yourselves open for such witty repartee.
  15. Dumbass Climbers?

    I'm pretty sure Alpinfox has more MySpace friends than you though.