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  1. Hi everyone! I haven't been on the forum in a while as I've moved to Gunnison, Colorado to work at Western State Colorado University. I'm hiring a Website Manager/developer to manage Western.edu. Gunnison is a free 25 minute bus ride from Crested Butte ski area, 45 minutes from Monarch Mountain, surrounded by 14,000 mountains and just an hour from ice climbing in Lake City. We're 2 hours from Ouray. It's paradise. The ad is on this webpage, you'll need to scroll to the bottom: http://www.western.edu/administration/hr/Applicants/test-iframe-page Here's the text of the ad: Western State Colorado University is seeking a Website Manager with skills in web development, web content management, writing and editing for the web, and site management to manage the university’s web presence. This exciting position oversees Western’s most important communications tool, which is in the process of being completely redesigned. The ideal candidate will possess excellent web developer skills and have an eye for incorporating design elements into a website. The candidate will also be a people person, as Western’s Website Manager will interact with and advise many internal stakeholders about the presence of different university departments on the web. This position reports to the Director of Marketing & Media Relations, but will have a very close working relationship with Information Technology staff and multiple departments. Duties: Develops and executes the university presence on the Web, particularly for top-level pages in terms of design, function, optimization, and technical support. Serves as the manager for the overall web presence; acts as liaison to the University's Web team. Coordinates overall design, planning, development, graphic images, and information architecture. Utilizing all appropriate databases and manual/electronic means to manage and measure progress on tasks, projects and goals, including tracking and analyzing Web traffic, and uses analytics to structure website to optimize traffic. Implements university brand standards and ensures web presence is compliant with standards. Works as directed with the marketing and admissions departments to ensure consistency in presentation and messaging. Maintains expertise in technology trends and Web-related innovation. Coordinates appropriate and consistent content for the University website. Communicates effectively in both oral and written form. Coordinates content preparation by others throughout the campus for the University's website. Trains internal stakeholders in the use of CMS and other web tools. Maintains regular revisions to the University's existing content. Maintains WSCU's presence on social media. Qualifications: Minimum Qualifications Bachelors degree. 3 years of experience in web development. Experience with content management systems. Preferred Qualifications Bachelors degree in computers science, web development, web design, or similar. Experience with Drupal. Experience working in higher education
  2. Hey it's Brian Barker from KATU, your friendly ski patrolling/mountaineering TV reporter. There's another rescue underway on the South Side. Sounds like ice fall again. A check of Timberline and Meadows telemetry on NWAC shows temps in the 40s above 6,000 feet. Friends I've spoken with have encountered severe ice-fall above 9,000 feet. Early reports indicate that today's rescue is at the 10,000 foot level. Good luck to the rescuers and best wishes to those who need the help.
  3. Just talked to S&R ops in Yakima. He's down in the bushes at around 6,000. They'd like to evac him with a helo, but that may not be possible because of all of the brush. Looks like they'll try to wheel him out via stretcher on the Round the Mountain Trail.
  4. Skiers and riders: Get your tail to West Linn High School on October 11th and 12th for crazy-good deals on new and used skiing and snowboarding gear. If you have old gear lying around in your garage, bring it in on October 10th and we'll sell it for you (no skinny skis, please.) This is Oregon’s best winter sports equipment and clothing event featuring thousands of new and used winter sports items being sold by both individuals and area sports stores. Equipment, clothing and accessories for all winter sports are available, including nordic and alpine skiing & snowboarding. Sports retailers around the northwest will be there to sell thousands of new and demo’d equipment items at incredible swap prices! The Mt. Hood Snowsport Swap benefits the West Linn High School Snowboard Team and the Mount Hood Ski Patrol. The swap works like this: on October 10th, hundreds of people will drop off their used ski and snowboard gear. They set a price and if it sells they make a profit. Proceeds from the ski and snowboard swap will be shared between the West Linn High School Snowboard Team and the Mount Hood Ski Patrol. It will help students afford to participate in West Linn High School’s Snowboard Team, which is beginning its tenth year introducing kids to competitive snowboarding. Proceeds will also help buy medical equipment for the Mount Hood Ski Patrol, which provides mountain rescue services to thousands of skiers and snowboarders every year on Mount Hood. The West Linn High School Snowboard Team will also benefit from the swap and use the profits to help kids afford to participate. The West Linn High School Snowboard Team boasted 61 members last year. This program is not free. Students must pay for all of their own gear, coaching, registration fees, transportation and season passes. The team is a member of the Oregon Interscholastic Snowboard Association and a Venturing Crew. The Mount Hood Ski patrol is one of America's busiest volunteer ski patrols, providing nearly 2,500 days of service to four ski areas on Mount Hood. The patrol is one of the oldest in the country, founded in 1937 by a group of men who wanted to help injured skiers. 70 years later, the patrol boasts more than 200 volunteers who help thousands of injured skiers on Mount Hood every year. The Mount Hood Ski Patrol is a non-profit, volunteer organization. None of our patrollers are paid for their hard work nor are they reimbursed for their expenses. Our patrollers spend countless hours of their free time patrolling Mount Hood's slopes and keeping up to date on some of the best medical training available. To learn more, visit our website at http://mthoodskipatrol.org.
  5. Yeah, dude, I said that before everyone started blasting you. Bad Karma. Nice to meet you guys. Glad you're OK! :brew: See you on the mountain.
  6. Dude, letsroll: give the guys a little slack. They knew what they were doing. They told me they got to 10,000 above the hourglass on the Leuthold route before the wx nuked them and they bailed. Maybe they should have checked the forecast better though... but even they admit that. Glad they're OK. I was dreading another circus up there...
  7. Sounds like an uncomfortable bivy. They're coming out via Glacier Pt. and Enid Lake.
  8. That's too bad. The Skull Hollow situation is a tough one. It's often a fun place to pitch a tent and meet other climbers. My wife and I camped there recently just across the way from one of those semi-permanent setups. We initially joked about the poor conditions, the loud music and the trash. Then we noticed the kids in crappy clothes and the parents coming and going in the middle of the night. The next day we called the county social services. They said they were aware of the families and their location. Their kids were attending school. A church was helping them with food. According to the person with whom we spoke, the family got evicted from an apartment in Redmond because they couldn't afford it anymore. Rising home prices in the area, they said, are causing more and more families to resort to camping. I don't know about the theft. I'm just a wanna-be dirt-bag climber who hangs out at Smith on the weekends. But I feel for those people and hope that, if they got evicted, they found somewhere safe and warm...
  9. Thanks for doing what you do Iain. You guys will find 'em someday. That wx sucked...
  10. Hey, how was the summit around say 10am Sunday? I could see a nasty looking lenticular form from the top of Adams... and an hour later it turned to poo up there too: A windy white out nastiness.
  11. Hey, anyone been to Mont Blanc or treked around the Via Alpina in June? It's just a shot in the dark, but I'm looking to see if anyone has any idea what the snow conditions will be like this time of the year. I'm also going to hang out in Bilbao, Spain for a while and I'm curious if anyone's done any rock climbing in that area. Thanks in advance!
  12. At 5:35pm on Sunday Febuary 18th I stated that "no climber in his right mind would be on the mountain today. Yesterday's forecast clearly indicated bad weather was moving in." I can't confirm these facts if the climbers won't speak with me... which they won't. It's not my job to "stand up" for anyone. I state the facts. Regarding everything else my station does: I've fought like hell to keep us from sensationalizing this story any more than we already have. It's a daily battle. I don't always win. I have never argued that local TV news is a quality source of information. There's a lot of crap on the news. But I work my ass off to make sure my 2 minutes isn't crap. I do my best to make sure the stories I do about climbing and climbing rescues are fair and accurate. But I won't let my personal interests sway the way I present a story. Period. I'll PM you about the beer.
  13. Nice. Violence. That'll do it. Your generalizations are sickening. Blame the media. Some of us are climbers too.
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