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  1. Dave?? From Bonney lake Dave?? Fancy running into you here! Found a place near home for us to scout! Let me know when your all healed and ready to rumble!! -Marie
  2. Soooo......what happened?? I just discovered this area today and I am intrigued..... Who wants to scope it with me?
  3. oh...BFE can be far and wide...but I hail from the south end of this state...south east-ish...hence the reference to frequenting exit 34/38 and the tieton/vantage areas.... but I'm sure if you've been around a bit...our goats have crossed paths once or twice...
  4. OMFG...Shapp- I love you and I don't even know your name!! Swear that sounds like some old country song. Zac- Depending on the area you're in...I'm always up for after work/weeknight evening exit 34/38 climbs and weekend Tieton/Vantage climbs...(or others..that's just where I typically play).... PM me if your near any of those areas. And yes, the partner section works well...most times....
  5. Hi Tobin, I hit stoney's in Bellevue during the evenings, typically around 4:30-5pm a couple days a week...Pm me if you wanna meet there! -Marie
  6. Yeah, Friday-Saturday. I know. But... it's what I got. I fly to DC every Sunday, and come home late every Thursday night..so Friday, Sat is really what I have. Been hitting the rock gym here in DC (yeah, gym... boo). Been hiking every weekend with my girlfriends, but ready to get back into the big stuff... it's been a few years..but I have all the gear. PM Me if Friday/Saturdays work. Down for anything, hiking, slogging up glaciers, rock climbing.... never tried ice climbing... but sure... If you teach I'll give it a go!
  7. Hey all, it's been awhile but I used to be fairly regular here! Anyways, looking for someone that can play/hike/climb/get outdoors on Friday and Saturdays here in the Seattle area....and/or...wait for it....join me In the gym (Sportsrock to be specific) In WA DC on Tues or Wednesday evenings. yes...I do the coast to coast commute weekly...which is why I literally have Friday and Saturdays here....PM me if you can play!
  8. Took your advice and went tromping around chinook pass, ended up reaching the summit of three different peaks, taught everyone how to use their ice axes, ton of fun glissades and sun burns all around! It was a great birthday!
  9. Or move to a less soggy state....grrr...ok at this point I'm open to any suggestions....anything on the east side that may be a nice hike/ birthday adventure?
  10. Weather outlook...not awesome. I have permits for St.Helens on Sunday. I have husband, best friend, and best friends 17 year old son coming with me to celebrate my birthday. They all have ice axes, crampons and very little knowledge how to use them. Do we stick with St. Helens on Sunday, or do we change it up to possibly chase the sun, and head up to Muir on Saturday instead. My buddy's are in shape hikers....not technical climbers by any means.... The weathers supposed to be nicer Saturday than Sunday. We have permits for Sunday on St. Helens. It's my birthday weekend so I just want to get out somewhere and enjoy the view!! So...what would you do?
  11. And yes....I got us all permits....just because they don't know what their doing....I kinda have a clue!
  12. Heading up there this weekend for my birthday and bringing some rather inexperienced friends with me.....hey....it's my birthday, and I wanted to spend it climbing....I figured this is as close to getting them on a real mountain as I would get! Anyways, crampons? Ice axe? Snow shoes? Skis? Hiking boots? Glacier boots? What's it like up there this time of year? How much crap am I gonna need to let them borrow & rent from REI?? Anyone been up there recently??
  13. I'm heading there in a few weeks for a biz trip & making a 4 day weekend out of it....how hard is it to get back country camping permits? Any hikes that are a must do if we don't score a permit? I'm pretty excited but don't have much knowledge of the park, other than the last time we hit it was a weekend in August and every camp ground and parking lot was closed do to maximum capacity.
  14. Trip: Bright Angel Trail - Grand Canyon S Rim - Phantom Ranch to the rim Date: 4/27/2013 Trip Report: After a 7 day raft trip, hubby and I stayed the night at Phantom Ranch & hiked out in the AM. The guides, rangers, and books all kept saying 7-9 hours out....so we were expecting an epic journey. Unfortunately, we did the 9.9 miles, 5k in elevation gain in 4.5 hours. The scenery was great, but the beer at the top was better. After 7 days on the river, we were both pretty stoked for real meals, showers and beds! It starts out fairly easy, and then it hits...omg, we're going downhill....this can't be good! I'm pretty sure the 5k elevation gain is actually in 6 or 7 miles, not the 9.9 they claim. A whole lot of meandering up and down at the beginning. All in all a fabulous hike out from an amazing trip down the canyon. And it proved to me that the insanity/p90x mix that I've been doing for the last year not only makes me look fit...but I am truly fit! Excited for St.Helens for my birthday weekend in June! And ready for more hikes/climbs as I find more people to partner with! Hubby, not so into it....thought he was going to kill me on the hike out of the canyon....st. Helens...if it wasn't for my bday...he'd bail! Gear Notes: All our river gear was carried out by mules! All we carried was a water bottle, 5 hour energy, and snacks. Plenty of places to refill the water bottles on the way up.
  15. Lived in this area my whole life! Let me know when/where you wanna go! Into pretty much anything outdoors so let's go! It'll be nice to have a local crew out here!!
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