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Chris Greyell


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I have terrible news. Chris died at Darrington this Saturday near Martha's Place (Roan Wall area). My knowledge of the accident is 3rd hand, through what David Tower described to me last night, but it sounds like it was the stupid mistake of thinking he was on belay when he wasn't.


He had spent the last couple weeks camping and climbing around Martha's Place. His oldest daughter had hiked in to visit him for the tail end of the trip, and was with him when he died.


Here's an image of Chris from 2007, from a day I spent with Chris and David up on Chief Wawetkin buttress.




-Eric Hirst



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wise sir do not grieve

it is always better to avenge dear ones

than to indulge in mourning

for every one of us living in this world

means waiting for our end

let he who can achieve glory before death

when a warrior is gone

that will be his best and only bulwark

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Chris was a great friend, amazing father, and a superb climbing partner. I met Chris in 1998, and have shared a rope with him on many outstanding trips over the intervening years. He was a true dynamo of positive energy, always encouraging and rock solid in his devotion to family and friends. I’ll truly miss his companionship. Friend and past climbing partner Duane Constantino said upon hearing the terrible news that “Chris walked through life beautifully”. I certainly agree. My families’ heartfelt condolences go out to Chris’s family and friends in this time of loss.

Mark Hanna


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Incredibly shocking and sad news.


Chris was a wonderful guy who gave tremendous amounts of time and energy to the WA state climbing community.


I first met Chris at the very first WCC meeting. I was pretty stoked to meet the guy who did the FA of Dreamer, but he was very humble and open and shared a lot of information about Darrington with me. I crossed paths with him several times climbing out there and he was always a smiling, friendly guy.


He will be sorely missed.




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I have had the pleasure of calling Chris a friend for the last 4 years and can say that his positive attitude and passion for climbing was contagious. He was a constant inspiration that shaped my climbing path and I will strive to carry on his hopes and aspirations for Darrington climbing.

You will be sorely missed Chris




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That is absolutely terrible!


Chris took me out to Squire Creek to show off what an amazing area it was in the winter and I ran into him almost every time we headed out there after that. Always happy to show you the next route he was working on and give you lots of stoke. He was a pioneer of many routes in Washington and an inspiration for all of us. He will definitely be missed. :(

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Sad news, indeed. One thing about Chris: he always said that the most recent climb he had done was his best ever. And he meant it. I bet there are some truly great climbs out there at Martha's Place.


Chris on Jacob's Ladder, W. side of Exfoliation Dome, in Clear Creek:



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This is bad news indeed. I have not seen or climbed with Chris in years, but I am still shocked. Dave Whitelaw and I called him Captain 10b from trips to the Black hills, Devils Tower and Canyon Lands in 1985-86. Chris could be counted on to lead any pitch 10.b and harder. My heart goes out to his family. It is a hard loss. I am sorry. scott waeschle

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I was at Marthas with Chris the week leading up to this event.

We had big plans after having spent the entire Summer climbing in "The Valley".


Our plans did not pan out as we expected as the weather kept us working at camp most of the time. Anyone who knows Chris also knows that there was very little down time. There was always a project.


I hiked out with Chris on Friday to go on to other plans I had for the holiday and for him to meet up with his daughter. We laid plans to meet up again in two weeks to do more.

I have admired Chris since the beginning of my climbing career through his routes and reputation.


I had the honor of becoming his friend and climbing partner a year ago labor day.


It is with heavy heart that I wish Chris peace and rest.

My thoughts, prayers and blessings to his family and all of those whose lives Chris touched.


As evidenced in the words of others above he was truly an inspiration......


The world has lost one of the best men I have ever had the privilege to know........

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I knew whan I got home last night and listened to Mark's phone message, something terrible had happened, the tone said it all. A call back to confirm a terrible tradgedy had occurred. I had the pleasure of climbing with chris several times over the last decade or so, around Darrington, Rocky Reach Around, Red Rocks. But the most memorable was when several of us hiked into Squire Creek for perhaps the first real time to seriously scope what came to be known as the "Roan" wall. Mark Hanna, Matt Perkins, Dave Whitelaw, Jim Nelson, Chris and myself. Below are a couple photos of that day, Chris with Dave and the "Roan Wall" That next summer was when Chris and others first charged up there with the modern routes. The other photo is TR of Trophy Wife at Spring Mountain. I will miss the annual climbers get together at the Greyell house to share photos of the previous years adventures, and more importantly, and what Chris was really jazzed about, was what was to come for next year! CHris, you will be missed!


Hike to scope the "Roan Wall"



"The Roan Wall"



"The Trade Mark Yellow Pants"



I bet chris is scrubbing the moss off another great classic in the sky, who among us will take over The Big Moss Raper moniker now!



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This news came as a real punch to the gut - this was not at all how I expected Chris' story to end.


Twenty-some years ago I was inspired by one of his masterworks - the Dreamer. Such a clean and bold line, and not in the Sierra but out there through the mossy Cascade rainforest. Might have to pick up some yellow sweat pants and pay it another visit...

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Chris was a really nice guy. We had some good times BITD.

I haven't seen him in quite a while but that doesn't make it

less painfull, especially when I think of his family.


RIP Chris,


Reilly Moss



Chris and Dave Whitelaw at City of the Rocks 1981


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