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  1. Anyone partake of the glorious Spring Mtn this summer? Curious if anyone's working new routes or scrubbing old. I worked my azz off this summer and didn't get to play much. Living Vicariously, M. Hanna
  2. Damn bolt eatin vermin and crack fillin' super dinosaur veggies at it again.......Good on ya for trying I'm in a sort of "restoration" mode of late, and this one's definitely on the list. It's a great climb in a cool setting M. Hanna
  3. The Blueberry Route on Exfo Dome has been close to falling off below the crux pitch for a couple years. 3:00 Rock recently had a big chunk fall off Superfly pitch as well as a big 'un above Revolver a couple years ago. Knitting is looking better and better. MH
  4. Wow, great work! What a remarkable day Cheers, MH
  5. Any news on Banks Lake? Probably early but sometimes getting ok depending on plateau flow.... Cheers- MH
  6. Thanks Otto! Great write up Love that place and really happy that the road and trail conditions are not only sustaining but improving! Thanks Darrington Collaborative, FFPU, Mountaineers, and WCC !! Cheers- M.Hanna
  7. Matt- Yer just picky. That looks just fine! Much better than a couple aluminum dowels banged through some 1" web right? Shot in the Dark won that race
  8. hanman

    High Ice

    Haha I just saw Phyllis last evening and it didn’t even cross my mind! Will do, thanks Jason.
  9. Howdy CCers Some many millions of years ago, someone referenced the movie High Ice, which was shot in Darrington. I seem to recall a link to a 10 part download, but YT is no longer supporting it. Any idea how I could watch this fabled and fantastic adventure? Anyone out there got a copy (and not on BetaMax!) Thanks, M Hanna
  10. Nice article, thanks Lowell for your tireless efforts and research over many years! Cheers, M. Hanna
  11. hanman

    Best metal bands

    Pelican with RC was a great show!
  12. The Roll N Lock has horizontal ribs, kind of like a micro/rescuescender but perhaps a bit sharper. They say it can engage webbing as well for an adjustable PAS which I though was somewhat interesting. Really light device. Here's another link to try... Link MH
  13. CT Roll N Lock is pretty light and quite functional. I got one recently and use it for many rope access tasks. ATC would be terrible for this use, super inefficient as previously stated. CT Roll N Lock
  14. Haven't been up, waiting for further healing from shoulder surgery ~2 months ago Roads washed out but we're used to that drill up there right? mh
  15. Hi Michael You are in the right spot Keep in the approach gully and the slabs appear soon Enjoy!!
  16. Mostly clear all the way to 8 mile TH (small amount of snow at mile 6), 3:00 rock has typical snow ramp at base. A small sinkhole has developed near the TH, but should be a relatively easy fix. Squire Creek on the other hand reportedly has a washout 1/2 mile prior to previous years parking lot... M. Hanna
  17. A large boulder fell onto the 2680 road this winter, from a roadcut. Last Saturday, FFPU volunteers moved it off the road. Please consider joining this fine organization to lend a hand. Our FS road system and infrastructure needs assistance. FB Friends For Public Use
  18. Hey all you hordes of climbers looking to embark on a spring Spring Mtn trip, it appears the access road is blown out, MP .6. This is a well known slump area that goes every few years. Please consider getting involved with Friends for Public Use, a Darrington based non profit group dedicated to helping maintain our access roads. Current funding levels and wintertime road damage indicate this may be a difficult year, and your volunteer efforts are needed. Look em up on FB if interested- MH
  19. My favorite rig is a Pika drill (2 set screws), a Vaughan 22 oz ball peen with 3" cut off, and a blowout bulb (rather than a tube). 3/8" x 2.5" takes about 7 minutes from a decent stance in granite (or 30 minutes from a crappy one Blow out often to be effective. mh
  20. Hello fellow CC'ers Just a heads up: This weekend, a group of dedicated volunteers will be working on the Asbestos Creek ford a couple miles in. We will be installing the 2nd half of the surface repair. The funding was entirely donated by climbers and hikers last winter. A hefty thanks to everyone who made this happen!!!! Truck is loaded, and we could always use a few more hands. Feel free to stop by to say hi and meet the intrepid and passionate force that helps maintain access to this great area. Looks warm, we'll be mighty thirsty Give a call if interested in participating. 425-263-1220 M. Hanna
  21. Trip: Spring Mtn - Other Side of The Tracks Date: 3/19/2016 Trip Report: New friend Dave and I took a nice trip up to Spring Mtn on Saturday. A few weeks previous I had cleared the trail of windfall and scrubbed the first 20 feet of the route which always gets a little shitty due to the seasonal snow pile; now almost disappeared. Despite some chilly winds, and the attendant occasional spray from the waterfall to the east, we climbed the whole thing in dry conditions, and the sun peeked out towards the top.On the crux pitch, a large bald eagle hovered in the updrafts without so much as a flap. I hoped that it hadn't developed a taste for climbers on the sharp end over the winter.... Tightened a few loose nuts (mostly my own), but otherwise the route is in great shape. FS 49 road is good to go as well. Spring is most excellent in spring, facing dead south to the sun. MH Gear Notes: 14 or so extendable slings single rack to gold camalot 2 50 or 60M ropes Approach Notes: Damn near perfect
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