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  1. Sorry to hear about the accident. Is that croll the one that can handle real fat lines? If so, I might be interested
  2. Nope, Tea time and Match stick nailed it. I was guessing mid 11. Yeah there's a weird cable pipe that runs down the descent over Web slinger. Thanks Rad!
  3. Tried couple new routes the Gun show today. On the far right, just above a pipe. Really cool! 11? ish. wondering if anybody out here had the names and actual grades. these were awesome! And sported top notch stainless hardware? Thanks
  4. Many folks girth hitch their Daisy to the harness, despite designers warnings. Bottom line is you should never fall onto your personal anchor. Even 2' could be horrible. This can be mitigated several ways. If multi-pitching, anchor into the rope via clove hitch. The rope is designed to absorb dynamic force. another option is the Purcell prusik for a personal anchor. This will also absorb dynamic force, albeit much less than a climbing rope... Hope that is helpful...
  5. Very nice! That's the last area left for me to check out in Dtown, and I can't wait! Looks phenomenal! Dtown stoke!!!
  6. Wow. Cray day. There was a bad fall at X38 today too. It took the ambulance an hour and a half to show up. Wish em both a speedy recovery...
  7. +1 for mini traxion. Backing up with a grig would be wicked slow. Check out Dosage IV, Look at the system Beth Rodden is rocking when she runs up behind TC. I doubt there's a more safe and efficient way than that yet...
  8. Looks like the small section of decent rock in the next Coulee north of Frenchmans. My Friend Aaron Stetzer developed that area about 5 or six years ago. He also did a bunch in Tieton and Banks, before he moved to South Dakota. I'm sure he'll be stoked to hear that somebody found his climbs and are havin fun on them!
  9. Howdy all. I was just wondering if anybody has the complete lowdown on the sno park permit rules around here. I've been googling around to see if any of the other myriad of permits will cover the places where they usually work, when not sno season. So far I've been lucky flying under the radar, but i'm wondering if I should just pony up for yet another permit. Seems a bit ridiculous... Thanks for any help.
  10. You'll e close to Turtle rock, for bouldering. Berkley has a nice bouldering area as well, with a couple routes. Pinnacles is your closest crag, be careful there, it has a bounty of old school scary runouts. Lovers leap, and Tahoe are a couple hours away in good traffic. Beware though, peak season in the Bay the locals mass exodus turning what would be a 2hr drive into more like 5. This time of year "off season" though you'll be ale to hit the Valley in about 4 to 5 hours, with little crowds. And finally to the Sierras. My personal favorite alpine area period. If only it wasn't in Cali. Try to plan midweek trips to avoid the traffic, and crowds. You'll enjoy climbing perfect granite at elevation and be in heaven. Good luck!
  11. I think the price is good, and those tents are the stuff, but it's more of a champagne taste-beer budget problem. I'd personally love to have this tent, but prob couldn't afford one any time soon. I think it's easier to shell out 300 clams on an ultralight 3 or 4 year shelter vs 7 bennies for a 3 or 4 decade home away from home. just 2c...
  12. This late in the season that group was probably forced to go to Smith. While rude, this tactic is pretty common, and happens more frequently than anybody is prepared for. WA has a law limiting group size, but many seem to ignore it anyway. It sucks that this happened to you. My guess is "Spiderman" from your post. You could have potentially done the variation start, and beat at least some of them to the first station. Or pushed a little harder and maybe tried "Trezlar" or "Zebra Zion", both popular climbs also. That small bump in grade seems to weed out many of the total gumbies, meaning if you do have to wait, you might not have to wait as long. I personally am pretty sick of this ethic, having arrived early many times to find some group has completely taken over. My personal pet peeve is with single pitch stuff, when they show up at the crack of dawn and string ropes on everything at the wall without leading any of it, then sit back and have a picnic teaching how to put on harnesses etc. Acting like they own these routes if asked for a quick run of 2 people. In this situation it's always acceptable to ask to go first, but in my experience it's almost never granted. That park is big, with many options. Next time head up to the Marsupials...
  13. The webbing sales won't be necessary, all the anchors will be bolted... =)
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