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  1. Chris was a really nice guy. We had some good times BITD. I haven't seen him in quite a while but that doesn't make it less painfull, especially when I think of his family. RIP Chris, Reilly Moss Chris and Dave Whitelaw at City of the Rocks 1981
  2. I'm mildly curious as to why my routes on Contstance from the late 70's aren't in it. Was it something I said? I do realize this is rather un-Olympic but still...
  3. Pick any one of these: There's some really good rock climbing up there!
  4. Superb! Thanks! Got into a good patch of chanterelles one fall on the Oregon coast. Amidst all the goodies I saw a couple of tall and proud Amanita pantherina - waaay baaaad! I thought about picking them prophylactically as this was in a state park right off a trail but I didn't. Went back the next day to see if more goodies had come up and the pantherina were gone! I felt bad and scoured the news for the next day or two but nobody showed up with a rotting liver so I guess some good samaritan must have picked 'em.
  5. It seems like there should be a General Stoke forum but since these were taken in the 'Alpine Lakes' region I guess they belong here. I'll start with a couple from the last Ice Age...
  6. Three people sucks unless you never have to belay and there is an acknowledged leader. It just takes too much time to do everything. Besides, how do you put three people in a two-man tent?
  7. This is a joke, right? I can think of at least 3 or 4 good lines on Constance. They might be harder than 5.6 though.
  8. Reilly

    Reporting Bugs

    So apparently uploading pictures to the members' galleries is a known issue. I have high-speed fiber optic and it shouldn't take a minute to upload a 500 KB file! It seemed hit or miss, some went relatively fast others wouldn't go at all. Are there some tricks I might have missed?
  9. Nice pics! The red line is approximately the line I climbed in '74 I think; rather hazy as you might imagine! I recall more accurately being assaulted by salt-crazed goats down by the lake.
  10. "IF YOU'RE OVER 30, YOU'RE JUST IN A SLOW DECOMPOSING STATE... " Yeah, go tell that to Donini who has put up three new routes in Patagonia the last few weeks at the age of what, 63?
  11. "anyone who wants to inject themselves with paint thinner, snort drano, gargle lead, crush their junk in a vise...or shoot heroin, snort coke...should be free to do so." That would be fine if they did it in a vacuum but the taxpayer has to pay for their 'freedom' to abuse themselves. Since many of these jewels also have children then we get to pick up the tab for those ruined lives and the havoc they wreak too.
  12. Tvash, Nice! Succinct and good style. Glad to see you got to use your naval training. Great pics except for that intellectual reading a book? Tell him hello for me - :-) And what's with the easy chair? There's no easy chairs in the boondocks! Envious, Reilly
  13. I think we have a good example of it is all a matter of perspective. Q1. One man's dirt bag is another man's loser. Or, I don't want to hurt the mooches' feelings so I'll tell 'em the beast is sick. 5 - too wishy-washy to go either way Q2 To me it doesn't say you are not afraid to fall it says you are a pathetic loser used to falling so you just accept it. 9 - "Well, here we go agin. Hope it doesn't hurt as bad as last time." Q3 You're too cheap and don't value your life, ergo, loser. 10-just plain cheap Q4 What the hell is chalk? 5 - actually tried to be honest but am too afraid to let go and chalk up. Q5 I was really confused by this because I am so used to shaking miles above bad gear on choss in the snow and just figured this was the way it is. 5 -again, just confused. Q6 See, there I go trying to think again. I thought it was good to be supportive (low score); that is what my wife is always telling me! I can't help it if I'm used to saying "I'm untying so do whatever you want!" 9 - shoulda been 10 but I don't think I'm that big of an a hole. Q7 Again, I figure good climbers have lots of partners. People like me are lucky to get one per decade. 9 - I've had 3 or 4 partners. Q8 WTF is a rap bolt? Something they do in the hood? 10 - Didn't know there was any other way to do it. Q9 Too easy - love the hike up to Camp Muir 10 - proud of it! Q10 A few cold ones, hell, a few warm ones if it means being too hung over to go climbing tomorrow. 10 - WTF is a climbing "vid"?
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