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  1. Quality trip report! Reminds me of the days of yore on this website. Chossdawgs have my full respect, that climb looks nerve wracking.
  2. That is an Awesome looking line! Picture are beautiful. You and your buddy are mighty! You now have more experience than 99% of PNW climbers on technical alpine terrain in the winter.
  3. You’re all getting excited for like three days of normalish winter temps/precip.
  4. Another misunderstood grizzly encounters two hikers Fortunately a “friend of the family” (?) tells us it was definitely the humans fault. "It's really just the reason why we're seeing more attacks, which is more people heading outdoors and unfortunately not being educated on this," But don’t despair this friend finishes with - adding that “only 14% of grizzly bear attacks worldwide lead to fatalities.” Other 86% time it’s all fine.
  5. Cool looking wall, way-tf in there. Sounds like a real adventure
  6. NE Face of Mesachie Peak (a glacier) to the North Ridge is AI2/4th class. I wouldn't worry about crevasses. Worry more that the glacier/ice still even exists.
  7. IMO the Grand Wall has always been an extremely precarious and large flake of rock. With the numerous heat? induced rockfalls in Squamish over the last couple years, seems like the whole mass of rock is altering. Maybe jump on that sooner than later.
  8. That seems like an excessively large blanket closure of a huge section of the park.
  9. Nice trip. But man that level of melt out for this time of year is insane. How many glaciers disappear for good this year?
  10. South Twin is a significantly longer trip, and if you follow the ridge crest significantly more exposed/difficult. Also just less aesthetic all around compared to west ridge of North Twin.
  11. I have not yet had the opportunity to smell Alex Honnold, but in a similar vein I was once roping up at the base of Heavens Gate when a somewhat annoyed Colin Haley showed up questioning our plans. Not wanting to wait around he crashed into the brush below us to take a enormous dump before sauntering away. The effervescence perfused the area saturating our chalk bags. We proceeded to rapidly send both Heavens Gate and DH-LA (a solid performance for us). We attributed it to the Colin Haley Poo Poo Dust we had been graciously granted prior to the climbing. Rolls off the tongue quite nicely as "the C-H-P-P-D". If you ever run into him maybe try to collect a pinch. Not sure I've ever climbed quite as well since.
  12. Kind of bummed to find out that I should have spent the last 15 years sending the raddest alpine routes of the world after summitting Nooksack Tower. Also curious about your paraglider rig. The dream of carrying around one of these single skin wings, the size of a Nalgene, well is still just a dream for me.
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