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  1. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    In that they never enforced TH parking this not an actual change but if it makes you feel less guilty about getting out I guess that's good.
  2. 2004/2005 was a shit winter like this and access and climbing conditions in the mountains were sweet! Pray for the Pineapple Express! (those of you who still engage in such shenanigans).
  3. [TR] Das Toof - The Tooth Fairy, 5.9+ 08/15/2019

    ^ x x x x xx x x x x x xx x x x x x xx x x x x x x x x xx x x x x x __________________________________________
  4. Slesse Crossover Descent Landslide

    The crossover descent has always sucked compared to just bombing down the south side to your pre-stashed bike. Not a popular opinion though.
  5. I'm not sure I would have done what I did if I had realized how popular those routes would become. The trail is noticeably being pounded into dust and I've become old enough to feel an intrinsic need to kick over the preponderance of unnecessary cairns. How many hundreds of pounds of fecal matter are now hiding under rocks in that gorgeous basin? Whatever you do don't drink the water without (heavily) treating it. Of course Vesper seems to have blown up with hikers/instagram crowd about the same time, so maybe that area would have been hammered rock climbs or not. Jason, I just spent Friday night at Image Lake with my family. No one else until early evening when a very chatty party of two showed up. Saw only a handful of folks heading that direction over the weekend as we hiked out the Suiattle. Talking to the volunteer manning the Miners Ridge lookout, in the 1960's over 200 people would be at Image Lake on summer weekends. He said that in the early 1970's over 1,200 people were recorded at Capa Lava/Sand Point on a a single day. So crowds and heavy use are nothing new. Maybe just the location du jour changes or it all just ebbs or flows. Ultimately it falls back on managing the individual impact which clearly a lot of current backcountry recreationists are falling short on. BTW kmfoerster what did you think of Fish & Whistle? I really liked it, thought it was the best route up there, but apparently some have not been so impressed.
  6. question HMG 4400 ice pack vs Osprey Aether Pro

    IMO the whole lack of a top pocket sucks. I bought an HMG 3400 Porter and just can get use to the crinkly fabric, bottomless tube and lack of top pocket. If you're a hard ore alpinist or whatever, great, get the stripped down newest greatest thing. But since you're "a backpacker the majority of your life" I would stick to Osprey.
  7. Ride of the Valkyries @ Purina

    dick cilley......when I was 17 years old in the ancient year of 1990...you were living out of your van selling gear in Icicle Creek...no one around....plenty of camping......those were the best of days......
  8. So looks like no log for a river crossing? I don’t feel like I’ve ever seen it in wadeable condition. The couple people I know who have done the central arete raved about it, but with multiple options the choss had to be somewhere. The left arete was a little too easy, I still need to get back in there for the central.
  9. Climber killed, others injured at Thumb Rock

    Well with the weather crapping out through at least Friday with significant precipitation it's going to be a bit more than 3 days.
  10. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    I didn’t realize those were in the Cascades. Stay on topic dammit!
  11. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    So with the north face of Joffre spontaneously collapsing, Supertopo shutting down and CC.com slowly withering on the vine my mood shifts to considering the impermanence of everything. What other peaks and routes have seen their last ascent in our lifetimes? Gene Pires and I once made the possibly second and possibly last ascent of the IV 5.10+ east-north buttress of Castle Peak in the Pasayten wilderness. A year or two ago someone posted pics where at least the first 5 pitches of the route had collapsed. Off the top of my head Anything on St Helens 1980 East face of main Gunsight. A III 5.9 established in the early 1990s that had disappeared without a trace (except for a fixed stopper just below the summit) by the time interest in the area renewed. East-north buttress of Castle Peak. A good but flaky route on clean granite that fell off during the winter of 2016/2017. Trigger Finger in Peshastin Pinnacles. Someone on this site had a good story about recreating a clown-car on the summit shortly, as in day of or before, it collapsed. An impressive looking pillar on the east side of Mt Rexford just over the Canadian Border, with an unrepeated V on it, had a major rockfall event that erased the route. What else peeps?
  12. ice climbing 2018/2019 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Backside of hemispheres. Have I seen it fatter? Not sure. Definitely seen it thinner and the ice somehow looked not quite so sn-icy as usual. By modern standards it certainly looks doable.
  13. Little Big Chief

    This is very cool. Where is the TR Mr. OlympicMtnBoy.
  14. Vesper Peak question

    But.... The idea that she was taking a selfie and fell off the standard north face route seems entirely plausible. No way that red thing is still there by spring. Too bad, hard to believe no one checked it out. Could be clothing, back pack something else that got hung up.
  15. Vesper Peak question

    Dude!!! Have you been doused in ketamine for the last six month? I wish I had never gone anywhere near Vesper Peak and helped in my own little way into turning that corner of the Cadcades into a total shit show.