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  1. RIP Corvallisclimb

    Still missing the little cocksucker (a term of real endearment) after 3 years
  2. Winter alpine routes? Sawtooths etc.

    Contact Mr. Frick (alpinebum) who has a post in this thread: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1063946 He has climbed a bunch in the Sawtooth in winter and should know all!
  3. Oregon Pinnacles

    In tribute to the master of choss that started this thread, who we lost so young (Corvallisclimb): Some more pinnacles from the land-o-boners in SE Oregon (spring 2016): For all the phallic pics, I like to include this for balance, which I entitle "The Crystal Snatch" The crystal snatch is a void within a very large geode welded into this wall: [video:youtube]
  4. Buying hand drill... any advice?

    A bolt per say is not a safety net if it is not placed correctly.
  5. I'm still rocking my integral designs ski pants I got used at 2nd Ascent about 15 years ago. RIP - 2nd A
  6. [TR] Wolf Rock - Barad Dur 9/25/2016

    Except for Morgul Vale at Wolfy
  7. [video:youtube] Great song "donald trump can suck my dick"
  8. Thank you for lending me a belay device man! Found mine in the couch crevice when I got home. Was able to climb the Pioneer Route and Siderman on Tuesday because of it. Cheers! Shap
  9. There is a fairly secret, but great, trail to rock lake that is not on the USGS topo or any guide book (that I am aware of).
  10. bolts in portland?

    Using in rock for safety application, just like climbing, but not actually climbing. Want the powers 5 piece cause we will need to remove in a few years.
  11. oh shit, Old Dirty cons another into further moss raping!
  12. bolts in portland?

    Anyone know who carries powers five piece bolts around Portland? Just need a few for non-climbing related installation. Thanks Shap
  13. Routes You Don't Onsight

    Explosive Energy Child at Smith
  14. Happy birthday! Brings back good memories of winter fun in the Elkhorns and Hells Canyon.