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  1. Still missing the little cocksucker (a term of real endearment) after 3 years
  2. Contact Mr. Frick (alpinebum) who has a post in this thread: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1063946 He has climbed a bunch in the Sawtooth in winter and should know all!
  3. In tribute to the master of choss that started this thread, who we lost so young (Corvallisclimb): Some more pinnacles from the land-o-boners in SE Oregon (spring 2016): For all the phallic pics, I like to include this for balance, which I entitle "The Crystal Snatch" The crystal snatch is a void within a very large geode welded into this wall: [video:youtube]
  4. A bolt per say is not a safety net if it is not placed correctly.
  5. I'm still rocking my integral designs ski pants I got used at 2nd Ascent about 15 years ago. RIP - 2nd A
  6. [video:youtube] Great song "donald trump can suck my dick"
  7. Thank you for lending me a belay device man! Found mine in the couch crevice when I got home. Was able to climb the Pioneer Route and Siderman on Tuesday because of it. Cheers! Shap
  8. There is a fairly secret, but great, trail to rock lake that is not on the USGS topo or any guide book (that I am aware of).
  9. Using in rock for safety application, just like climbing, but not actually climbing. Want the powers 5 piece cause we will need to remove in a few years.
  10. oh shit, Old Dirty cons another into further moss raping!
  11. Anyone know who carries powers five piece bolts around Portland? Just need a few for non-climbing related installation. Thanks Shap
  12. Explosive Energy Child at Smith
  13. Happy birthday! Brings back good memories of winter fun in the Elkhorns and Hells Canyon.
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